Published: 2015

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Section 36-25-1 Definitions.

Section 36-25-1.1 Lobbying.

Section 36-25-2 Legislative findings and declarations; purpose of chapter.

Section 36-25-3 State Ethics Commission - Creation, composition; annual reports; compensation; political activities; director; personnel.

Section 36-25-4 State Ethics Commission - Duties; complaint; investigation; hearings; fees; finding of violation.

Section 36-25-4.1 State Ethics Commission - Public access to complaint, investigation, and disposition.

Section 36-25-4.2 State Ethics Commission - State Ethics Law training programs.

Section 36-25-4.3 Ethics Commission - Electronic database filing and access.

Section 36-25-5 Use of official position or office for personal gain.

Section 36-25-5.1 Limitation on actions of lobbyists, subordinates of lobbyists, and principals.

Section 36-25-5.2 Public disclosure of information regarding officials, candidates, or spouses employed by or contracting with the state or federal government.

Section 36-25-6 Use of contributions.

Section 36-25-7 Offering, soliciting, or receiving anything for purpose of influencing official action; money solicited or received in addition to that received in official capacity.

Section 36-25-8 Use or disclosure of confidential information for private financial gain.

Section 36-25-9 Service on regulatory boards and commissions regulating business with which person associated; members who have financial interest in matter prohibited from voting.

Section 36-25-10 Representation of client or constituent before board, regulatory body, department, etc.

Section 36-25-11 Public officials or employees entering into contracts which are to be paid out of government funds.

Section 36-25-12 Offering, soliciting, etc., thing of value to or by member of regulatory body.

Section 36-25-13 Actions of former public officials or public employees prohibited for two years after departure.

Section 36-25-14 Filing of statement of economic interests.

Section 36-25-15 Candidates required to file statements of economic interests; official to notify commission of name of candidate; failure to submit statement.

Section 36-25-16 Reports by persons who are related to public officials or public employees and who represent persons before regulatory body or contract with state.

Section 36-25-17 Reports of violations; cooperation of agency heads.

Section 36-25-18 Registration of lobbyists required; filing of supplemental registration.

Section 36-25-19 Registered lobbyists and other persons required to file quarterly reports.

Section 36-25-20 Filing of notice of termination of lobbying activities; effect of notice as to requirement for filing of reports.

Section 36-25-21 Reports constitute public records; reports available for public inspection.

Section 36-25-22 Sections 36-25-18 to 36-25-21 not to be construed as affecting certain professional services.

Section 36-25-23 Lobbying activities prohibited during elected term of office; floor privileges of former members of Legislature; solicitation of lobbyists by public officials or employees; contracts to provide lobbying services contingent upon legislative action.

Section 36-25-24 Supervisor prohibited from discharging or discriminating against employee where employee reports violation.

Section 36-25-26 False reporting for purpose of influencing legislation.

Section 36-25-27 Penalties; enforcement; jurisdiction, venue, judicial review; limitations period.

Section 36-25-28 Chapter not to deprive citizens of constitutional right to communicate with members of Legislature.

Section 36-25-29 Appropriations.

Section 36-25-30 Construction of chapter.