Section 11-44E-164

Published: 2015

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Section 11-44E-164

Section 11-44E-164Election bribes; false statement as to qualification to vote; voting or offering to vote by person who is not qualified.

Any person offering to give a bribe, either in money or other consideration, to any voter for the purpose of influencing his (her) vote at any election provided for in this chapter, or any voter entitled to vote at such election, receiving and accepting such bribe or other consideration, or any person making false answer to any of the provisions of this chapter relative to his (her) qualifications to vote at an election, or any person willfully voting or offering to vote at such election, who has not complied with the residency requirements provided for by general law, or who is not voting age, or is not a citizen of the United States, or knowing himself (herself) not to be a qualified voter of the precinct, where he (she) offers to vote, or any person knowingly procuring, aiding or abetting any violation hereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and punished as provided by law.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-445, p. 660, §9.05.)