Section 45-22-242.11

Published: 2015

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Section 45-22-242.11

Section 45-22-242.11Charge for collection.

The State Department of Revenue shall charge Cullman County for collecting the county lodging taxes levied in this part an amount or percentage of total collections as may be agreed upon by the State Commissioner of Revenue and the Cullman County Commission, but the collection charge shall not in any event exceed 10 percent of the total amount of the special county taxes collected under this part. The charge for collecting the taxes for the county may be deducted each month from the taxes collected before certifying the amount of the proceeds from the taxes due to Cullman County each month. The State Commissioner of Revenue shall pay into the State Treasury all county taxes collected under this part as the taxes are received by the State Department of Revenue. On or before the first day of each successive month, commencing with the month following the month in which the department makes the first collections under this part, the commissioner shall certify to the Comptroller the amount of taxes collected under this part and paid into the State Treasury for the benefit of Cullman County during the month immediately preceding the making of the certification. Before certifying the amount of the taxes paid into the State Treasury for the benefit of Cullman County during each month, the commissioner may deduct from the taxes collected for the month the charges due the department for the collection of the taxes for the county. It shall be the duty of the Comptroller to issue a state warrant each month payable to the Cullman County Commission, in an amount equal to the amount so certified by the State Commissioner of Revenue as having been collected for the use of the county. Upon receiving the tax proceeds, the county treasurer shall transmit the proceeds to the Cullman County Chamber of Commerce. Two-fifths of the tax proceeds shall be used, in the discretion of the chamber of commerce, exclusively for the purpose of developing and promoting tourism and conventions, one-fifth shall be used exclusively for economic and industrial development purposes in the county, and two-fifths shall be used to retire a bond issue on the Cullman Family Recreation Complex. Upon retirement of the bonded debt, the funds shall be used to promote the complex and other tourist attractions and events in the county.

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