Laws, Documents, And Reports (Excerpt) Act 44 Of 1899

Published: 2015

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Act 44 of 1899

24.25 Michigan manual; contents.

Sec. 25.

The Michigan manual shall contain the following:

(a) The constitution of the state of Michigan and a list of amendments proposed, adopted, and rejected; the method of proposal and the vote thereon; the vote by which the state constitution was adopted; and the vote on constitutional revision.

(b) A list of post offices in Michigan.

(c) A list of newspapers in Michigan.

(d) The latest statistics of educational, mental, medical, reformatory, and penal institutions of the state, arranged in such a way as to show the cost of conducting each of those institutions during the immediately preceding 2 fiscal years; salary of officers; the amount of legislative appropriations; receipts from all other sources; all expenditures and for what purposes; and showing the number of students, patients, or convicts, according to the nature of each institution, and the instruction or employment given in each.

(e) A table of valuation of taxable property in the counties of the state as fixed by the state board of equalization for each of the latest 2 years.

(f) The names, ages, occupations, residences, politics, and prior legislative service of the members of both houses of the legislature, and the names and residences of their officers.

(g) The names and residences of state officers and members of state boards and state institutions.

(h) A list of standing committees of both houses of the legislature.

(i) Representation by counties of members of both houses of the legislature.

(j) A list of former officials of the United States from Michigan.

(k) A list of former state officials of Michigan showing their county of residence.

(l) The names of officers and delegates to the constitutional conventions of Michigan.

(m) The judicial systems of Michigan.

(n) The state judiciary.

(o) The territory and population of judicial circuits.

(p) The names and dates of public holidays.

(q) The report of the state treasurer.

(r) Statistics of the public school system of Michigan.

(s) A list of names and addresses of intermediate school districts in Michigan, showing the counties where they are located.

(t) Statistics of former legislatures of Michigan, giving length of session, number of laws enacted, number of joint resolutions, total membership, and politics.

(u) Names of members of former Michigan legislatures sitting within the latest 10 years, giving post-office addresses at time of membership, districts, and terms.

(v) Names of speakers and speakers pro tem of all former houses of representatives, with districts from which chosen and counties of residence, and terms.

(w) Names of all former clerks of the house of representatives, with post-office addresses at time chosen and terms.

(x) Names of presidents pro tem of the senate of all former legislatures of Michigan, with districts from which chosen, counties of residence, and terms of service.

(y) Names of all former secretaries of the senate, with post-office addresses at time chosen and terms of service.

(z) Names of former Michigan members of United States senate with dates of election and years of service arranged to show a history of occupancy of each of the 2 seats.

(aa) Names of former Michigan members of the United States house of representatives, with dates of election and years of service.

(bb) Lists of miscellaneous state associations, officers, and their residences.

(cc) Congressional, senatorial, and representative districts, with the territory and population thereof.

(dd) A list of county officers elected at the preceding November election.

(ee) The official canvass of votes cast at the preceding primary election for governor, lieutenant governor, United States senator, members of congress, and members of the legislature.

(ff) The official canvass of votes cast at the preceding November election for electors of president and vice president of the United States, state officers, members of the legislature, United States senator, members of congress, and of proposals submitted to the people.

(gg) A summary of votes cast at the preceding November election for state officers.

(hh) A summary of votes cast for all governors of Michigan.

(ii) The official canvass of votes cast at the April election in the biennium for which the manual is issued, for state officers, justices of the supreme court, and circuit judges.

(jj) A descriptive summary of the duties of the several departments of the state government.

(kk) A descriptive outline of the organization of the military department.

(ll) A complete list of all departments, boards, commissions, and agencies of the state government, including special commissions created by executive authority and all ex officio boards, setting forth by reference the authority for their creation, whether constitutional, statutory, executive order, or other authority.

(mm) Biographical sketches of present United States senators from Michigan, members of national house of representatives from Michigan, members of the state legislature, and elective state officers.

(nn) Any other matter considered essential by the legislative service bureau if adequate funding is available.

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