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State Housing Development Authority Act Of 1966 (Excerpt) Act 346 Of 1966

Published: 2015

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Act 346 of 1966

125.1422d Investments.Sec. 22d.

(1) In addition to the powers described in section 22(n), the authority may, in its discretion, invest money held in reserve or sinking funds, or money not required for immediate use or disbursement, in entities, including limited partnerships and limited liability companies, whose primary purpose is, directly or indirectly, to acquire ownership interests in multifamily housing projects in this state or to make or purchase loans with respect to such projects, or both. The authority shall not make an investment authorized by this subsection unless the authority determines that the return on the investment is reasonably expected to be equal to or greater than the return the authority is then receiving on investments authorized under section 22(n). The authority shall use earnings returned to the authority on investments authorized by this subsection solely for purposes authorized by this act. The authority shall allocate not less than 10% of the earnings returned to the authority on investments authorized by this subsection to the housing development fund created in section 23.

(2) The authority shall possess all powers necessary or incidental to make the investments authorized in subsection (1), including, but not limited to, the power to establish any of the following:

(a) Limited partnerships, limited liability companies, nonprofit corporations, and other entities.

(b) The conditions under which the entities described in subdivision (a) may acquire ownership interests in or make or purchase loans with respect to multifamily housing projects as provided in subsection (1).

(3) As used in this section, "multifamily housing project" means a housing project that includes multiple dwellings and in which a minimum of 50% of the square footage of floor space is used primarily for residential purposes.

History: Add. 2013, Act 116, Imd. Eff. Sept. 24, 2013

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