Published: 2015

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Article 1 General and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Article 2 Alcoholic Beverages.

Section 45-32-20 Sale of beer or ale in cans.

Section 45-32-20.01 Sunday sale of alcoholic beverages at the Greene County Racetrack.

Article 3 Boards and Commissions.

Section 45-32-30 Reserved.

Article 4 Business, Labor, and Occupations.

Section 45-32-40 Reserved.

Article 5 Constables.

Section 45-32-50 Reserved.

Article 6 Coroner.

Section 45-32-60 Expense allowance.

Section 45-32-60.01 Fee for death certificates; mileage allowance.

Article 7 County Commission.

Part 1 Compensation.

Section 45-32-70 Mileage rate.

Part 2 Duties.

Part 3 Membership.

Section 45-32-72 Greene County Districting Commission.

Article 8 Courts.

Part 1 Court Costs.

Division 1 County Jail.

Section 45-32-80 Additional fee.

Division 2 Solicitor's and District Attorney's Fund.

Section 45-32-80.20 Collection and disposition of funds.

Part 2 District Attorney.

Division 1 Compensation.

Section 45-32-81 Expense allowance.

Division 2 Employees.

Section 45-32-81.20 Investigators.

Part 3 Judicial Compensation.

Section 45-32-82 Local salary supplement.

Part 4 Probate Court.

Division 1 Employees.

Division 2 Fees.

Division 3 Motor Vehicle Licenses.

Section 45-32-83.40 Assessment and collection of taxes; issuance of tags and titles, etc.

Article 9 Economic and Industrial Development and Tourism.

Section 45-32-90 Industrial Development Authority.

Section 45-32-90.01 Officers; meetings; compensation.

Section 45-32-90.02 Exercise of functions and powers.

Section 45-32-90.03 Director.

Section 45-32-90.04 Powers of authority.

Section 45-32-90.05 Office space and equipment.

Section 45-32-90.06 Expenses of authority.

Article 10 Education.

Section 45-32-100 Expense allowance.

Section 45-32-100.01 Salary.

Article 11 Elections.

Part 1 Board of Registrars.

Section 45-32-110 Compensation.

Part 2 Election Officials.

Section 45-32-111 Expense allowance.

Article 12 Employees.

Section 45-32-120 Reserved.

Article 13 Engineer, County.

Section 45-32-130 Reserved.

Article 14 Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services.

Section 45-32-140 Reserved.

Article 15 Gambling.

Part 1 Gambling.

Section 45-32-150 Creation; composition; public records.

Section 45-32-150.01 Qualifications of members.

Section 45-32-150.02 Compensation.

Section 45-32-150.03 Treasurer.

Section 45-32-150.04 Legal counsel.

Section 45-32-150.05 Duties of commission.

Section 45-32-150.06 Racing days - Maximum number per year.

Section 45-32-150.07 Racing days - Sunday excluded; minimum age for employment or attendance.

Section 45-32-150.08 Application for permit or license.

Section 45-32-150.09 Suspension or revocation of license.

Section 45-32-150.10 Production of documents, etc.; removal of certain licensee employees; recordkeeping; inspections; witnesses.

Section 45-32-150.11 Licensing powers.

Section 45-32-150.12 Pari-mutuel wagering; hours of racetrack operation and number of races.

Section 45-32-150.13 Tax due on pari-mutuel pools; distribution of contributions.

Section 45-32-150.14 Admission tax on free passes or complimentary cards.

Section 45-32-150.15 Relation to other taxes.

Section 45-32-150.16 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-32-150.17 Violations of part.

Section 45-32-150.18 Eligibility of applicants and licensees.

Section 45-32-150.19 Manipulation of race outcomes.

Section 45-32-150.20 Transmission or communication of racing information.

Section 45-32-150.21 Charity days.

Section 45-32-150.22 Intent of part.

Section 45-32-150.23 Use of funds for day care centers.

Part 2 Televised Racing.

Section 45-32-151 Televised racing events and pari-mutuel wagering thereon.

Section 45-32-151.01 Combined pari-mutuel pools and takeout for televised racing events.

Section 45-32-151.02 State and local taxes.

Section 45-32-151.03 Provisions respecting takeouts for racing events.

Section 45-32-151.04 Construction of part.

Article 16 Government Operations.

Section 45-32-160 Reserved.

Article 17 Health and Environment.

Section 45-32-170 Board of health fees.

Article 18 Highways and Bridges.

Section 45-32-180 Construction and maintenance of roads or driveways.

Article 19 Legislature.

Section 45-32-190 Legislative delegation office.

Article 20 Licenses and Licensing.

Section 45-32-200 Reserved.

Article 21 Motor Vehicles and Transportation.

Section 45-32-210 Reserved.

Article 22 Parks, Historic Preservation, Museums, and Recreation.

Article 23 Sheriff.

Article 1 Funding.

Section 45-32-230 Service of process.

Article 2 Jails.

Section 45-32-231 Vending machines.

Article 3 Pistol Permits.

Section 45-32-232 Fee; Sheriff's Law Enforcement Fund.

Article 24 Taxation.

Part 1 Board of Equalization.

Division 1 Creation of Office.

Section 45-32-240 Compensation.

Part 2 Compensation.

Section 45-32-241 Consolidation of unified system.

Part 3 Tax, Ad Valorem.

Section 45-32-242 Levy of tax for general purposes.

Section 45-32-242.01 Levy of tax for certain purposes.

Section 45-32-242.02 Levy of additional tax.

Section 45-32-242.03 Levy of tax for Greene County Emergency Medical Authority.

Section 45-32-242.04 Additional tax for educational purposes.

Part 4 Tax, Beer.

Section 45-32-243 Disposition of funds.

Part 5 Tax. Gasoline.

Section 45-32-244 Definitions.

Section 45-32-244.01 Levy of tax.

Section 45-32-244.02 Statement of sales and withdrawals.

Section 45-32-244.03 Recordkeeping.

Section 45-32-244.04 Report of business address.

Section 45-32-244.05 Violations.

Section 45-32-244.06 Enforcement.

Section 45-32-244.07 Delinquency in payment of tax.

Section 45-32-244.08 Payment of tax deemed a credit against amount due.

Section 45-32-244.09 Penalties.

Section 45-32-244.10 Quarterly reports of gasoline shipments.

Section 45-32-244.11 Disposition of proceeds.

Part 6 Tax. Lodging.

Section 45-32-245 Levy of tax; records and reporting; disposition of funds.

Part 7 Tax, Sales and Use.

Section 45-32-246 Referendum authorized.

Section 45-32-246.01 Levy of tax.

Section 45-32-246.02 Imposition of excise tax.

Section 45-32-246.03 Applicability of state provisions; exemptions.

Section 45-32-246.04 Collection of taxes.

Section 45-32-246.05 Disposition of funds.

Section 45-32-246.06 Enforcement.

Part 8 Tax. Tobacco.

Section 45-32-247 Levy of tax.

Article 25 Utilities.

Section 45-32-250 Reserved.

Article 26 Zoning and Planning.

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