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Rule §401.320 "all Or Nothing" On-Line Game Rule

Published: 2015

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(a) "All or Nothing." The executive director is authorized
to conduct a game known as "All or Nothing." The executive director
may issue further directives for the conduct of "All or Nothing" that
are consistent with this rule. In the case of conflict, this rule
takes precedence over §401.304 of this title (relating to On-Line
Game Rules (General)).
(b) Object of the Game. The object of the game is to
either select as many or as few numbers that match the 12 numbers
drawn in the drawing. If a player matches more than 7 (seven) or fewer
than 5 (five) numbers drawn in the drawing, the player wins a prize.
(See the prize schedule chart in subsection (g) of this section.)
If the player matches all 12 numbers drawn in the drawing, or does
not match any numbers drawn in the drawing, the player wins the Top
Prize. If more than one ticket has been sold in which a player has
matched all or none of the numbers drawn in the drawing, each player
possessing such ticket shall win the Top Prize.
(c) Definitions. When used in this rule, the following
words and terms shall have the following meanings, unless the context
clearly indicates otherwise.
  (1) Play--The selection of twelve different numbers
from 1 through 24 for one opportunity to win in "All or Nothing" and
the purchase of a ticket evidencing that selection.
  (2) Playboard--A field of 24 numbers on a playslip
for use in selecting numbers for an "All or Nothing" play.
  (3) Playslip--An optically readable card issued by
the commission for use in selecting numbers for one or more "All or
Nothing" plays.
(d) Plays and tickets.
  (1) A ticket may be sold only by an on-line retailer
and only at the location listed on the retailer's license. A ticket
sold by a person other than an on-line retailer is not valid.
  (2) The price of an individual play is $2.
  (3) A player may complete up to five playboards on
a single playslip.
  (4) A player may use a single playslip or other Texas
Lottery-approved method of play to purchase the same play(s) for up
to 24 consecutive drawings, to begin with the next drawing after the
  (5) A person may only select a play:
    (A) by using a playslip to select numbers;
    (B) by selecting a Quick Pick and allowing a random
number generator operated by the terminal to select numbers;
    (C) by requesting a retailer to manually enter numbers;
    (D) by using a self-service terminal;
    (E) by using a previously-generated "All or Nothing"
ticket provided by the player; or
    (F) by using a QR code generated through a Texas Lottery
Mobile Application offered and approved by the Texas Lottery.
  (6) Playslips must be completed manually. A ticket
generated from a playslip that was not completed manually, or using
a selection method that is not approved by the Texas Lottery, is not
  (7) An on-line retailer may only accept a request for
a play using a Texas Lottery-approved method of play, and if the request
is made in person.
  (8) An on-line retailer shall issue a ticket as evidence
of one or more plays. A ticket must show the numbers selected for
each play, the number of plays, the draw date(s) and time(s) for which
the plays were purchased, the cost of the ticket and the security
and transaction serial numbers. Tickets must be printed on official
Texas Lottery paper stock.
  (9) A playslip, or any document other than a ticket
issued as described in paragraph (8) of this subsection, has no monetary
value and is not evidence of a play.
  (10) It shall be the exclusive responsibility of the
player to verify the accuracy of the player's selection(s) and other
data printed on the ticket.
  (11) An unsigned winning ticket is payable to the holder
or bearer of the ticket if the ticket meets all applicable validation
requirements. Neither the commission nor its sales agents shall be
responsible for lost or stolen tickets.
  (12) The executive director may authorize promotions
in connection with the "All or Nothing" On-Line game. Current promotions
will be posted on the commission's web site, and published in the "In Addition" section of the Texas Register.
(e) Drawings.
  (1) "All or Nothing" drawings will be held four times
a day, (at 10:00 a.m., 12:27 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:12 p.m.) six
days a week (Monday through Saturday). The executive director may
change the drawing schedule, if, in the executive director's sole
discretion, it is deemed necessary or expedient.
  (2) Twelve different numbers from 1 through 24 shall
be drawn at each "All or Nothing" drawing.
  (3) Numbers drawn must be certified by the commission
in accordance with the commission's drawing procedures.
  (4) The numbers selected in a drawing shall be used
to determine all winners for that drawing.
  (5) A drawing will not be invalidated based on the
financial liability of the lottery.
(f) Announcement of incentive or bonus program. The
executive director shall announce each incentive or bonus program
prior to its commencement. The announcement shall specify the beginning
and ending time, if applicable, of the incentive or bonus program
and the value for the award.
(g) Prizes.
  (1) The Top Prize.
    (A) Each person who holds a valid ticket for a play
matching (in any order) the twelve numbers drawn in a drawing, or
matching none of the twelve numbers drawn in a drawing is entitled
to a top prize in the amount of $250,000; provided that, in any drawing
where the number of top prize winning plays is greater than twenty
(20), the top prize shall be paid on a pari-mutuel rather than fixed
prize basis and a liability cap of $5 million will be divided equally
by the number of top prize winning plays. For purposes of prize calculation
with respect to the pari-mutuel prize, the calculation shall be rounded
down so that prizes shall be paid in multiples of one dollar. Any
part of the top pari-mutuel prize for a drawing that is not paid in
prizes (breakage) shall be applied to offset prize expense. All other
prizes are in amounts for matching or non-matching selections as shown
in the following chart. All prizes are paid in cash.
Attached Graphic
    (B) All payments shall be made upon completion of Commission
validation procedures.
    (C) A claim for any prize of $600 or more must be presented
at a Texas Lottery claim center.
  (2) A person may win only one prize per play per drawing.
A player who holds a valid ticket for a winning play is entitled to
the highest prize for that play.

Source Note: The provisions of this §401.320 adopted to be effective April 19, 2012, 37 TexReg 2627; amended to be effective August 25, 2013, 38 TexReg 5468; amended to be effective September 17, 2015, 40 TexReg 6101