Published: 2015

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Article 1 Powers Contained in Mortgages.

Section 35-10-1 Power of sale constitutes part of security; by whom executed; effect of conveyance; index of foreclosure deeds.

Section 35-10-2 Sale under power where instrument silent as to place or terms of sale.

Section 35-10-3 Foreclosure when instrument contains no power of sale.

Section 35-10-4 Sale of lands situated in two or more counties.

Section 35-10-5 Foreclosure deed conveys legal title.

Section 35-10-6 Additional satisfaction permitted under continuing power of sale.

Section 35-10-7 Sale to be held in county where property situated.

Section 35-10-8 How notice of sale given.

Section 35-10-9 Sales contrary to article null and void.

Section 35-10-10 Sections 35-10-7 through 35-10-9 not applicable to mortgages or deeds of trust executed before September 29, 1923.

Article 1A Foreclosure by Power of Sale for Mortgages Executed After December 31, 1988.

Section 35-10-11 Definitions.

Section 35-10-12 Execution of foreclosure by power of sale; effect; indexing of deeds.

Section 35-10-13 Notice of sale; minimum standards.

Section 35-10-14 Place and time for conducting foreclosure by power of sale.

Section 35-10-15 Successive sales under power permitted.

Section 35-10-16 Law governing applicability.

Article 2 Satisfaction of Mortgage Liens.

Section 35-10-20 When indebtedness presumed to have been paid.

Section 35-10-21 When payment required to be entered in record.

Section 35-10-22 Partial payments - When entered on margin of record.

Section 35-10-23 Partial payments - Notices or demands to enter partial payments or satisfaction.

Section 35-10-24 Partial payments - Entry by execution and delivery of separate instrument.

Section 35-10-25 Executors and administrators authorized to execute releases, etc.

Section 35-10-26 Title revested upon payment of debt.

Section 35-10-27 Entry of full payment or satisfaction in record - Generally.

Section 35-10-28 Entry of full payment or satisfaction in record - Satisfaction by one of several joint mortgagees, etc.

Section 35-10-29 Entry of full payment or satisfaction in record - Vendor's or other lien reserved in conveyance.

Section 35-10-30 Penalty.

Article 3 Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure.

Section 35-10-50 Definitions.

Section 35-10-51 Effect of deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Article 4 Foreclosure on Surviving Spouse or Estate of Mortgagor Dying Overseas While on Military Service Active Duty.

Section 35-10-70 Definitions.

Section 35-10-71 Initiation of foreclosure proceedings against surviving spouse or estate of certain mortgagors.

Article 5 Alabama Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act.

Section 35-10-90 Short title; application; definitions.

Section 35-10-91 Payoff statement; notice.

Section 35-10-92 Submission of a satisfaction of a security instrument for recording.

Section 35-10-93 Service as a satisfaction agent.

Section 35-10-94 Notification by satisfaction agent to secured creditor.

Section 35-10-95 Conditions for satisfaction agent to sign and submit affidavit for recording.

Section 35-10-96 Affidavit of satisfaction requirements.

Section 35-10-97 Effect of recording affidavit.

Section 35-10-98 Liability.