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RULE §57.11 General Requirements

Published: 2015

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(a) Quarantine provisions.
  (1) Poultry and/or premises shall be placed under quarantine
when evidence of infection or possible exposure to any contagious
and/or communicable disease not considered to be endemic exists in
the State of Texas. A quarantine shall remain in effect until epidemiological
evidence of the existing disease or exposure thereto is satisfied.
After due consideration of epidemiological evidence, the executive
director of the commission may cause the quarantine to be released.
  (2) When Laryngotracheitis infection is confirmed in
any house on a farm, the entire farm will be placed under quarantine,
and all poultry on that farm will be considered infected and no molting
will be allowed until after the quarantine has been released. Official
quarantine signs will be posted in a prominent place at the entrance
to the premise and on the doors of each house. The doors should be
locked when the house is unattended.
  (3) Premises may be released from a Laryngotracheitis
quarantine when:
    (A) the farm has been depopulated and established cleaning
and disinfection procedures have been applied;
    (B) all infected poultry have been removed and all
replacement poultry have been vaccinated twice with cell culture vaccine,
no chick embryo origin vaccine has been used, and a surveillance system
as established by the commission is carried out with no evidence of
active infection; or
    (C) all dead poultry and caked litter are removed;
the houses are sprayed with disinfectant and closed for 15 to 30 days;
and two consecutive sets of nonvaccinated poultry are raised in the
houses with no evidence of infection based on commission surveillance.
  (4) When fowl typhoid (S. gallinarum) infection is
confirmed in a flock, the farm on which the flock is located shall
be placed under quarantine and the flock depopulated. Following depopulation
and burial or incineration of all poultry, nest material, and litter,
the premise and facilities shall be cleaned and disinfected. The premise
shall remain quarantined for at least 180 days following depopulation
during which time poultry shall not be reintroduced to the premises.
Following removal of the quarantine, repopulation of the premises
may be allowed with poultry that have been tested negative to fowl