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WAC 296-96-23100: Are Keys Required To Be On-Site?

Published: 2015

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WACs > Title 296 > Chapter 296-96 > Section 296-96-23100



Agency filings affecting this section

WAC 296-96-23100

Are keys required to be on-site?

(1) The keys to the machine room and the keys that are necessary to operate the elevator must be located in a locked key retainer box in the elevator lobby; or located by machine room doors at no more than six feet above the floor, provided access to the key box doesn't require passage through locked doors. The key retainer box must be:
(a) Readily accessible to authorized personnel;
(b) Clearly labeled "Elevator"; and
(c) Equipped with a 1-inch cylinder cam lock key #39504.
Keys for access to elevator machine rooms and for operating elevator equipment must be tagged and kept in the key box.
The key box must contain all keys necessary for inspections of the elevator.
Mechanical hoistway access devices must be kept in the key box or machine room.
(2) The department may approve existing retainer boxes provided they are:
(a) Readily accessible to authorized personnel;
(b) Clearly labeled "Elevator"; and
(c) The lock must be either a 1-inch cylinder cam lock key #39504 or a combination lock. The combination for the lock must be on record with the department.
Deviations from this section due to security concerns must be approved by the department via a variance request.

The cities of Seattle and Spokane may designate their own options for keys and lock box arrangement via their rule processes.

(3) ASME A17.1-2.27.8 Local fire or building code authorities may specify the requirements for a uniform keyed lock box and its location to contain the necessary keys (this will be in addition to the requirements listed in subsection (1) or (2) of this section). Where required, a lock box, including its lock and other components, shall conform to the requirements of UL 1037 (see Part 9). These keys shall be kept on the premises in a location readily accessible to firefighters and emergency personnel, but not where they are available to the public.
(4) ASME A17.1 Part 8 contains general requirements for new and existing equipment. Except reference ASME A17.1-2.27.8 shall not apply to phase one and two key switches installation on existing elevators installed prior to the adoption of this code unless required by the local code official.
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