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RULE §47.13 Requirements for Brucellosis Testing

Published: 2015

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(a) Collecting samples.
  (1) Individual blood collection devices shall be used
for each animal.
  (2) Each animal shall be individually identified by
official eartag or backtag or individual registration tattoo or brand.
The individual identification must be recorded on the test record
to identify the corresponding blood sample.
  (3) Tubes containing blood samples will be numbered
in sequence. There will be a gap of one or more numbers between the
last number assigned to a herd or unit and the first number assigned
to the next her or unit.
(b) Performing the card test.
  (1) A clean pipette and stirrer shall be used for each
sample tested.
  (2) Positive and negative check samples will be kept
available at all times to check antigen being used.
  (3) Antigen will be kept refrigerated.
  (4) Antigen will not be used past the expiration date
shown on the bottle.
  (5) Mechanical rockers will be used to rotate the card.
Timers will be used to read results of the card test at four-minute
  (6) The card test will be run in an area where the
sample is protected from wind and blowing dust.
  (7) The authorized person who ran the card test will
record the results of the card test on the appropriate test document
(4-54, 4-33, or Texas Animal Health Commission Certificate of Veterinary
Inspection). Actual test results for all cattle tested will be recorded
at the time of the test.
(c) Market testing.
  (1) Each animal tested at a livestock market will be
identified with an official eartag and official backtag at the time
of blood collection. At the time of test, each official eartag and
backtag number will be recorded on the 4-54 market test record.
  (2) The authorized person will not conduct the card
test at a livestock market until complete ownership information and
backtag identification have been provided by the market.
  (3) Livestock market card tests will be conducted in
a designated area with sufficient lighting.
  (4) The authorized person interpreting the card test
will immediately report all positive test results to the state-federal
market inspector by means of the completed 4-54 market test record.
(d) Submission of samples.
  (1) Blood samples may be submitted to a state-federal
laboratory without prior field card testing.
  (2) All blood samples and corresponding test records
will be mailed or delivered to a state-federal laboratory within 48
hours after collection. Blood samples may be placed in a mail depository
Monday through Saturday. Samples that would normally be mailed on
weekends in which a federal holiday is on Friday or Monday shall be
refrigerated and mailed the following work day.
  (3) The number of samples submitted for confirmation
testing which are untestable because of adulteration, hemolysis or
insufficient serum must not exceed 5.0% of samples submitted during
the previous six-month period nor more than 30% in any one submission.
  (4) There must be no more than three discrepancies
in confirmation test results disclosed over a six-month period where
the laboratory results are positive for samples that were reported
negative by the individual conducting the test.

Source Note: The provisions of this §47.13 adopted to be effective February 4, 2014, 39 TexReg 486