Section 13A-12-70

Published: 2015

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Section 13A-12-70

Section 13A-12-70Transportation by certain persons; seizure of vehicles used.

Any transportation or conveyance within this state of any slip, ticket, card, paper, writing, article, thing or other device or paraphernalia which is customarily or usually used in the operation of a form or type of lottery commonly known as a numbers (or number) game or policy game (herein called "lottery paraphernalia") or any possession thereof in any vehicle of transportation by any person who is or has been within three years next preceding actually engaged in or connected with the setting up, conducting or operation of any such game, or who is or has been within three years next preceding an employee of a person or persons who are or have been engaged in setting up, conducting or operating of any such game is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor; and all conveyances or vehicles of transportation which have been within three years next preceding or are used by such persons for the conveying or transporting of such prohibited lottery paraphernalia into this state or from one point in the state to another point within the state, or in which conveyance any such lottery paraphernalia may be contained or found while such conveyance is in the custody or control of such person shall be contraband and shall be forfeited to the State of Alabama and shall be seized by any sheriff or other person acting under authority of the law in the enforcement of the laws of this state who become cognizant of the facts or who finds such prohibited lottery paraphernalia being transported, stored or contained as aforesaid in such conveyance or vehicle. And such officer or person shall report the seizure and the facts connected therewith to a district attorney in the county where seizure is made, or, in default thereof, to the attorney general of the state, giving full description of the vehicle or conveyance seized and detained, the person in whose possession it was found, the person making a claim to the same, or any interest therein, if the name can be ascertained or is known, and the date of seizure.

(Acts 1951, No. 798, p. 1395; Code 1975, §13-7-111.)