Section 10A-21-2.07

Published: 2015

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Section 10A-21-2.07

Section 10A-21-2.07Condemnation of water sources, riparian rights and necessary lands by waterworks corporation.

(a) Corporations authorized to construct and operate waterworks for the supplying of municipalities and their inhabitants, or others living or doing business in the vicinity of them, with water shall have the power, in order to obtain a supply of water for their storage ponds, reservoirs, pipes, and canals, to take over and use, after condemning the same, water of any river, stream, spring, or other water source which may be necessary for them to use for that purpose. They may also acquire by condemnation riparian rights and all lands adjacent to such streams or water sources as shall be necessary to protect and preserve the purity of such supply; and they shall also have the power to condemn rights-of-way and sites of any necessary area for pipelines, ditches, canals, dams, storage ponds, reservoirs, and other necessary purposes for the operation of their waterworks and the collection and distribution of the water supply. For this purpose, the companies may institute ad quod damnum proceedings against the riparian landowners or owner along such river or stream or of other sources, or the owner of any lands, wherever located, desired to be used for any of the purposes above mentioned, in the probate court of the county in which the land on or over which the easements sought to be condemned are situated in accordance with the general laws of this state providing for the condemnation of lands for public purposes.

(b) The power of condemnation given in this section shall include the right to condemn, wherever necessary for any of the purposes hereinbefore mentioned, any yard or curtilage of a dwelling house, garden, stable, lot, or barn, or so much thereof as may be necessary.

(c) Whenever the ownership of the mineral interest in lands has been severed from the ownership of the surface and the mining of the minerals would endanger any proposed canal, storage pond, or reservoir, a water company may institute ad quod damnum proceedings against the owner, or owners, of the minerals situated under the proposed canals, reservoir or storage ponds in the probate court of the county in which the lands are situated in accordance with the general laws of the state, condemning the mineral interests or so much thereof as may be required for the support of the surface where the canal, reservoir, or storage pond is to be located.

(d) In proceedings to condemn under this section, any number of, or all, the riparian proprietors or other owners along the river, stream, or other water source in the same county may be joined in one proceeding or be proceeded against separately.

(e) No right-of-way shall be granted over the streets, avenues, alleys, or public grounds of any municipal corporation without first obtaining the consent of the municipal authorities thereto.

(f) No corporation shall have the right to condemn the water of any stream, spring, or other water source which is the property of another water company supplying with water a municipal corporation or the inhabitants thereof.

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