Published: 2015

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Article 1 General Provisions and Definitions.

Division 1 Short Title, Construction, Application and Subject Matter of the Chapter.

Section 35-9A-101 Short title.

Section 35-9A-102 Purposes; rules of construction.

Section 35-9A-103 Supplementary principles of law applicable.

Section 35-9A-104 Construction against implicit repeal.

Section 35-9A-105 Administration of remedies; enforcement.

Section 35-9A-106 Settlement of disputed claim or right.

Section 35-9A-107 Notice requirement.

Division 2 Scope and Jurisdiction.

Section 35-9A-121 Territorial application.

Section 35-9A-122 Exclusions from application of chapter.

Section 35-9A-123 Jurisdiction and service of process.

Division 3 General Definitions and Principles of Intrepretation: Notice.

Section 35-9A-141 Definitions.

Section 35-9A-142 Obligation of good faith.

Section 35-9A-143 Unconscionability.

Section 35-9A-144 Notice.

Division 4 General Provisions.

Section 35-9A-161 Terms and conditions of rental agreement.

Section 35-9A-162 Effect of unsigned or undelivered rental agreement.

Section 35-9A-163 Prohibited provisions in rental agreements.

Section 35-9A-164 Payment of rent prerequisite to enforcing remedies under this chapter.

Article 2 Landlord obligations.

Section 35-9A-201 Security deposits; prepaid rent.

Section 35-9A-202 Disclosure.

Section 35-9A-203 Landlord to deliver possession of dwelling unit.

Section 35-9A-204 Landlord to maintain premises.

Section 35-9A-205 Limitation of liability.

Article 3 Tenant Obligations.

Section 35-9A-301 Tenant to maintain dwelling unit.

Section 35-9A-302 Rules and regulations.

Section 35-9A-303 Access.

Section 35-9A-304 Tenant to use and occupy.

Article 4 Remedies.

Division 1 Tenant Remedies.

Section 35-9A-401 Noncompliance by the landlord.

Section 35-9A-402 Failure to deliver possession.

Section 35-9A-403 Reserved.

Section 35-9A-404 Wrongful failure to make available heat, water, hot water, or essential services.

Section 35-9A-405 Counterclaims for action for possession or rent.

Section 35-9A-406 Fire or casualty damage.

Section 35-9A-407 Tenant's remedies for landlord's unlawful ouster, exclusion, or diminution of service.

Division 2 Landlord Remedies.

Section 35-9A-421 Noncompliance with rental agreement; failure to pay rent.

Section 35-9A-422 Failure to maintain.

Section 35-9A-423 Remedies for absence, nonuse, and abandonment.

Section 35-9A-424 Waiver of landlord's right to terminate.

Section 35-9A-425 Landlord liens; distraint for rent.

Section 35-9A-426 Remedy after termination.

Section 35-9A-427 Recovery of possession limited.

Division 3 Periodic tenancy; holdover; abuse of access.

Section 35-9A-441 Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies.

Section 35-9A-442 Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access.

Division 4 Court Actions by Landlord.

Section 35-9A-461 Landlord's action for eviction, rent, monetary damages, or other relief.

Article 5 Retaliatory Conduct.

Section 35-9A-501 Retaliatory conduct prohibited.

Article 6 Effective Date, Savings Clause, Severability.

Section 35-9A-601 Effective date.

Section 35-9A-602 Savings clause.

Section 35-9A-603 Severability.