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Police Department Leaves And Furloughs (Excerpt) Act 178 Of 1913

Published: 2015

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Act 178 of 1913

123.801 Police department employees; leaves, furlough; emergency; reduction of working days.

Sec. 1.

In cities having over 25,000 inhabitants, unless now or hereafter otherwise provided by city ordinance or charter, officers and men of the police department shall each be entitled to a leave of absence of 1 day of 24 hours off duty in every 7, and a furlough of not less than 14 days once in each year: Provided, however, That this shall not prohibit the head of a police department from suspending such leave of absence or furlough, temporarily, as a matter of discipline, for insubordination of any officer or man employed by said police department: Provided further, That this act shall not apply in case of an emergency: Provided further, That any city affected by this act may, by a majority vote of the members-elect of the legislative body of said city, reduce the number of working days and hours and/or increase the furlough of employees affected by this act, any charter provisions to the contrary notwithstanding.

History: 1913, Act 178, Eff. Aug. 14, 1913


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