Published: 2015

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Article 1 Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

Section 21-1-1 Created; rights, privileges, etc.; location.

Section 21-1-2 Board of trustees - Composition; qualifications, appointment and terms of office of members.

Section 21-1-3 Board of trustees - Quorum; secretary and treasurer.

Section 21-1-4 Board of trustees - Executive committee.

Section 21-1-5 Board of trustees - Chairman of board of trustees; appointment of president of institute and assistants.

Section 21-1-6 Board of trustees - Maintenance and insurance of state property.

Section 21-1-7 Disbursement of funds and reports by treasurer.

Section 21-1-8 Residential education and training programs for deaf, blind, etc., persons; cooperation by local school boards, State Board of Education, etc.

Section 21-1-9 Education and training of handicapped persons at preschool and junior college levels.

Section 21-1-10 Attendance of blind, deaf, or mute children of mandatory age - Required.

Section 21-1-11 Attendance of blind, deaf, or mute children of mandatory age - Exemptions.

Section 21-1-12 Lists of deaf and blind children within counties; enforcement of attendance of children eligible for benefits of school.

Section 21-1-13 Prosecutions for failure of minors to attend school.

Section 21-1-14 Education and training of nonresident handicapped persons.

Section 21-1-15 Department of adult blind and deaf established; appropriations; operation of library service.

Section 21-1-16 Preparation and maintenance of register of blind persons.

Section 21-1-17 Bureau of Information for aid of blind or deaf; powers and duties of Adult Department as to training, etc., of blind or deaf persons; development of policies, etc.

Section 21-1-18 Expenditures for services, supplies, etc., subject to provisions of state competitive bid law; exceptions.

Section 21-1-19 Negotiation of temporary loans.

Section 21-1-22 Personal leave for teachers employed by institute.

Section 21-1-23 Institute official state agency to conduct state educational and training programs.

Section 21-1-24 Textbooks and instructional materials other than prescribed by State Board of Education.

Section 21-1-25 Large print and braille materials.

Section 21-1-26 Approval of book shipments; payment.

Article 2 Operation of Vending Stands by Blind Persons.

Section 21-1-40 Definitions.

Section 21-1-41 Operation of stands by blind persons in buildings and on properties of state, etc.

Article 3 Sale, etc., of Blind-Made Products or Services.

Section 21-1-60 "Blind-made" products or services defined.

Section 21-1-61 Certification of products or services as "blind-made."

Section 21-1-62 Penalties for violation of article.

Article 4 Sale, etc., of Personal Property or Timber Owned by Institute by Auction or Bid.

Section 21-1-80 Contracts for sale, etc., of tangible personal property or standing timber of institute by public auction or sealed bid, advertisement of sale; manner of taking bids and awarding contract.

Section 21-1-81 Authority of president to sell by lot or individual item, subject to consent of board; when all bids may be rejected and sale re-advertised or items sold by negotiation.

Section 21-1-82 Institute's officers and employees not to act as agents for bidders; ability to bid or purchase.

Section 21-1-83 Advertised property to be available for inspection.

Section 21-1-84 Disposition of proceeds of sale.

Section 21-1-85 Payment by purchaser due upon removal; time limit for removal; exception for standing timber.

Section 21-1-86 Sale violating this article void; penalties for persons responsible and bondsmen; how penalties recovered.

Section 21-1-87 Violation constitutes a misdemeanor.

Section 21-1-88 Applicability; validation of certain prior sales.