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Enlargement Of Township Burial Grounds (Excerpt) Act 272 Of 1909

Published: 2015

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Act 272 of 1909

128.151 Township board of trustees; providing new burying ground or enlarging limits of existing burying ground; providing suitable approaches or enlarging limits of existing approach; inability to agree; application for jury; determining just compensation and necessity for using real estate.

Sec. 1.

The board of trustees of a township of this state, when it considers it desirable and necessary, may provide new burying ground in the township, or may enlarge the limits of an existing burying ground in the township, and may provide for suitable approaches to the burying ground, or may enlarge the limits of an existing approach to a burying ground in the township. If the board of trustees is unable to agree with the owner or owners of the land or a right in the land which the board desires to include within the limits of the burying ground or approaches to the burying ground, as to the compensation to be paid, the board of trustees may authorize 1 or more of its members to apply to the circuit court judge or district court judge for a jury from the vicinage. The jury shall determine the just compensation to be paid for the real estate acquired by the board of trustees for the burying ground or its approaches, or an enlargement of the burying ground, and the necessity for using the real estate. The application shall be in writing and shall describe the real estate required by the board as accurately as is required in a conveyance of real estate.

History: 1909, Act 272, Eff. Sept. 1, 1909


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