Section 12-16-76

Published: 2015

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Section 12-16-76

Section 12-16-76Insufficient number of qualified jurors to form juries.

Whenever there are not enough qualified jurors in attendance upon the court to form the juries required, the judge of the court shall cause to be provided from the master jury list names of as many prospective jurors as the judge deems necessary to complete the empaneling of all juries then required. The court shall forthwith cause to be summoned all prospective jurors thus drawn to attend court when required, and they may be summoned by personal service or by telephone. The court shall then proceed to empanel or complete the empaneling of the juries as provided in this article.

If, prior to commencement of striking, due to challenges for cause or for any other reason, the number of names on the lists from which the parties are to strike is reduced below the minimums established in Rule 18.4, Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure, in criminal cases or Rule 47, Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, in civil cases, unless the parties agree to strike from such lesser number, the court shall fill the deficiency first from the remaining available petit jurors sworn. If the number of available petit jurors sworn is insufficient to fill the deficiency, the remaining deficiency shall in the discretion of the court be filled by waiting until other petit jurors sworn become available or by randomly drawing or causing to be provided from the master jury list at least twice the number of names needed to fill the deficiency remaining. The court shall forthwith cause to be summoned all prospective jurors thus drawn in any of the manners set forth in this section. The names of those persons found competent to hear the case shall be added to the strike list in at least the number necessary to fill the deficiency.

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