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Michigan Strategic Fund Act (Excerpt) Act 270 Of 1984

Published: 2015

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Act 270 of 1984

125.2088j Disbursements.Sec. 88j.

(1) Upon request from the fund board, the state treasurer shall transfer appropriated funds from the 21st century jobs trust fund to the fund in the amounts designated by the fund board at the time and as necessary to fund disbursements or reserves required for programs or activities authorized under this chapter or to fund investments authorized by the fund board from the investment fund. Funds appropriated or transferred to the fund shall not be transferred to another governmental entity or a separate legal entity and public body corporate established under the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, except as authorized under this chapter.

(2) For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2006, there is appropriated and transferred from the 21st century jobs trust fund to the fund $400,000,000.00 for the purposes of carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

(3) From the funds appropriated and transferred in subsection (2), the fund shall make the following commitments, dispersible as provided in subsection (1):

(a) $26,000,000.00 as a grant to the Michigan forest finance authority for purposes under part 505 of the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, MCL 324.50501 to 324.50522. The money shall be spent only as provided by the Michigan forest finance authority.

(b) $10,000,000.00, up to 1/2 in loans, to support the development and creation of a defense contract coordination center program to assist Michigan companies in securing more federal defense and homeland security procurement contracts. This program shall include, but is not limited to, providing low-interest rate loans to support the expansion of manufacturing operations in order to fulfill federal procurement contracts. The loan repayments shall return to the investment fund.

(c) $4,000,000.00 as follows:

(i) $3,000,000.00 for a private research institute that has received a specific federal appropriation prior to 2005 for the creation of a good manufacturing facility. The facility shall be used for the production of drugs approved for use in clinical trials, as approved by the United States food and drug administration, and shall work to market the core technology alliance for the purposes of commercialization and providing access to advanced technologies to researchers affiliated with universities, private research institutes, and biotech and pharmaceutical firms.

(d) $6,000,000.00 for an automotive technology business accelerator to provide for the research, development, and commercialization of innovative technologies and products. The funds shall be used to support international business development, encourage development of competitive edge technologies through the creation of early stage seed funds, and support the outreach and growth of technology based businesses and professionals.

(e) $2,000,000.00 for the Michigan film office to promote the filming of motion pictures in this state. No funds may be used to promote the filming of a motion picture that depicts obscene matter or an obscene performance. As used in this subdivision, "obscene matter or an obscene performance" means obscene material, the dissemination of which is a violation of 1984 PA 343, MCL 752.361 to 752.374. The Michigan film office created under section 21 of the history, arts, and libraries act, 2001 PA 63, MCL 399.721, shall use the funds in the following manner:

(i) To hire an independent firm to conduct a baseline study that will accurately demonstrate Michigan's status within the film industry and include recommendations of necessary improvements for Michigan to attract motion pictures.

(ii) To market and promote Michigan as a premiere location for filming motion pictures, commercials, and documentaries. Marketing and promoting include, but are not limited to, website development, promotional and research expenses, event and festival sponsorship, and advertising.

(iii) Assist in workforce development within the film industry by supporting on-the-job training of qualified crew members. Job training of film and media technicians includes, but is not limited to, technical training, practical training, and internship opportunities.

(f) $2,000,000.00 to implement the transfer of competitive edge technology research from institutions of higher education to the private sector as provided in this chapter.

(g) $15,000,000.00 for a Michigan promotion program to enhance funding beyond that included in the annual appropriation for travel Michigan to attract additional tourism expenditures in this state. No funds may be used for any tourism marketing effort that includes the image of an elected state officer or a candidate for elective state office that is targeted to a media market in Michigan.

(h) $10,000,000.00 to the agricultural development fund created in section 2 of the Julian-Stille value-added act, 2000 PA 322, MCL 285.302, for grants and loans. The money shall not be spent until after April 1, 2006. As used in this subdivision, "specialty crop" means any agricultural crop, except wheat, feed grains, oilseeds, cotton, rice, peanuts, and tobacco.

(i) $3,500,000.00 to implement the capital access program.

(j) $90,000,000.00 for life sciences technology as provided in this chapter.

(4) $16,000,000.00 of the appropriation made in subsection (2) may be expended for administrative costs related to the administration of programs or activities authorized under this chapter. However, the fund and the fund board shall not expend more than $12,000,000.00 for administration of programs or activities authorized under this chapter unless the fund board by a 2/3 vote authorizes the additional $4,000,000.00 for administration.

(5) $20,000,000.00 of the appropriation made in subsection (2) may be expended for business development and business marketing costs. Not less than 80% of the funds committed for business development and business marketing costs shall be targeted to persons or entities outside of this state. No funds shall be used for any business development and business marketing effort that includes a reference to or the image or voice of an elected state officer or a candidate for elective state office and that is targeted to a media market in this state. The fund board shall select all vendors for all marketing expenditures under this chapter by issuing a request for proposal. At a minimum, the request for proposal shall require the responding entities to disclose any conflict of interest, disclose any criminal convictions, disclose any investigations by the internal revenue service or any other federal or state taxing body or court, disclose any pertinent litigation regarding the conduct of the entity, and maintain records and evidence pertaining to work performed. The fund board shall establish a standard process to evaluate proposals submitted as a result of a request for proposal and appoint a committee to review the proposals.

(6) Following the disbursements described in subsections (3), (4), and (5), the remaining money shall be allocated pursuant to section 88b(1).

(7) The appropriation authorized in subsection (2) is a work project appropriation and any unencumbered or unallotted funds are carried forward into the following fiscal year. The following is in compliance with section 451a(1) of the management and budget act, 1984 PA 431, MCL 18.1451a:

(a) The purpose of the project is to provide substantial economic benefits and job creation within this state and to create incentives for the diversification of the economy of this state through 21st century investments, grants and loans approved by the commercialization board under section 88k, and other programs or activities authorized under this chapter.

(b) The work project will be accomplished through the use of interagency agreements, grants, loans, investments, state employees, and contracts.

(c) The total estimated completion cost of the work project is $400,000,000.00.

History: Add. 2005, Act 225, Imd. Eff. Nov. 21, 2005
Compiler's Notes: Subparagraph (3)(c)(ii), as added by 2005 PA 225, and which read "$1,000,000.00 to the core technology alliance to implement and fund a grant program for early drug discoveries." was vetoed by the governor November 21, 2005.The second sentence of subdivision (3)(h), as added by 2005 PA 225, and which read "Not less than $5,000,000.00 shall be awarded as specialty crop grants and loans.", was vetoed by the governor November 21, 2005.
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