The Fourth Class City Act (Excerpt) Act 215 Of 1895

Published: 2015

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Act 215 of 1895

87.11 City treasurer; powers; duties; depositary, bond; deputy.

Sec. 11.

The treasurer, subject to the direction of the council, shall have the custody of all moneys, bonds, mortgages, notes, leases and evidences of value belonging to the city: Provided, That the council by a majority vote of all the aldermen elect may designate 1 or more depositaries in such city in which the city treasurer shall deposit all such moneys and other property named above in his possession by virtue of his office, to be drawn therefrom only in such manner as the council shall direct, and every such depositary shall furnish a bond, as the council may require and approve, for the safekeeping and accounting of all such moneys and property thus coming into its possession. The council may at any time by a majority vote of all the aldermen elect change any depositary or depositaries. He shall receive all moneys belonging to and receivable by the corporation, and keep account of all receipts and expenditures thereof: Provided, That the treasurer shall not be liable for any neglect or default by such depositary or depositaries. The treasurer shall pay no money out of the treasury except in pursuance of and by authority of law and as directed by the council. He shall keep an account of and be charged with all taxes and moneys appropriated, raised or received for each fund of the corporation, and shall keep a separate account of each fund, and shall credit thereto all moneys raised, paid in or appropriated therefor, and shall pay every warrant out of the particular fund constituted or raised for the purpose for which the warrant was issued, and having the name of such fund endorsed thereon by the clerk. The treasurer may also, subject to the approval of the council, appoint a deputy, who shall possess all the powers and authority of the treasurer, subject to the control of the treasurer; and the treasurer and his bondsmen shall be liable for the acts and defaults of such deputy. Such deputy shall be paid for his services by the treasurer, unless otherwise provided by the council, and such deputy may be removed at the will of the treasurer. The city treasurer shall be the collector of state and county taxes within the city, and all other taxes and assessments levied within the city; he shall perform all such duties in relation to the collection of taxes as the council may prescribe, and as provided by this act.

History: 1895, Act 215, Eff. Aug. 30, 1895


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