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Revised Statutes Of 1846 (Excerpt) The Attorney General

Published: 2015

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Revised Statutes of 1846 (EXCERPT)

14.33 Moneys received payable to state treasury; deposit of proceeds to restricted fund; “proceeds” defined.

Sec. 33.

(1) All moneys received by the attorney general, for debts due, or penalties forfeited to the people of this state, shall be paid by him or her, immediately after receipt, into the state treasury.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in this section, any proceeds from a lawsuit settlement entered into by a state agency, department, division, bureau, board, commission, council, authority, or other body in the executive branch of state government or an individual acting on behalf of the executive branch of state government as the result of an action instituted on behalf of the state against a private individual or business or any other private organization shall be deposited into a restricted fund to be used as provided by law. In case of a conflict between this section and another state or federal law that requires allocation to a specific fund or account or for a specific purpose or purposes, that other state statute or federal law shall prevail.

(3) As used in this section, “proceeds” means a cash settlement. Proceeds does not include real property or stocks, bonds, or other evidences of indebtedness unless these items are to be converted into cash as part of the settlement or payments to be made to a specifically designated party as a result of the settlement of a contractual dispute between the state and a party or parties to a contract with the state.

History: R.S. 1846, Ch. 12


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