Published: 2015

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Section 8-26-1 Short title.

Section 8-26-1.1 Legislative findings.

Section 8-26-2 Definitions.

Section 8-26-3 Alabama Athlete Agent Regulatory Commission created; members; terms of office; vacancies; reappointment; oath; removal; officers; quorum; records; annual register; employees, rules and regulations; compensation and expenses.

Section 8-26-4 Registration of athlete agents required.

Section 8-26-5 Application for registration.

Section 8-26-6 Evaluation of applicant and principal place of business.

Section 8-26-7 Grounds for refusal to grant registration; notice of refusal and opportunity for hearing; hearing procedure; determination of commission; appeals; effective date of orders and judgments.

Section 8-26-8 Revocation or suspension of registration; procedure; reinstatement.

Section 8-26-9 Duration of registration; renewal application, bond, and fee.

Section 8-26-10 Temporary or provisional registration.

Section 8-26-11 Disclosure of names and addresses of financially interested persons.

Section 8-26-12 Filing and registration fees.

Section 8-26-13 Setting of fees by commission.

Section 8-26-14 Surety bond - Requirement; amount; malpractice coverage in lieu of bond; certificate of deposit payable to commission or savings account assigned to commission in lieu of bond.

Section 8-26-15 Surety bond - To whom payable; conditions; damages not limited to amount of bond, etc.

Section 8-26-16 Surety bond - Suspension for failure to maintain coverage.

Section 8-26-17 Disposition of moneys and fines collected; Alabama Athlete Agent Regulatory Commission Fund.

Section 8-26-18 Contents of registration.

Section 8-26-19 Applicability of registration.

Section 8-26-20 Certificate of convenience where registered person has died, been declared incompetent, or for whose estate a conservator has been appointed.

Section 8-26-21 Eligibility for certificate of convenience; duration and renewal of certificate.

Section 8-26-22 Contracts - Approved form and content; agent to register presence on campus, etc.; notice of negotiations, etc.; contract requirements; rescission; penalties.

Section 8-26-23 Contracts — Statement that amateur standing may be jeopardized.

Section 8-26-24 Limit on athlete agent's fee.

Section 8-26-25 Trust fund where athlete agent is recipient of athlete's salary.

Section 8-26-26 Records to be kept by athlete agent.

Section 8-26-27 Maintenance of financial and business records; access to records by commission; subpoena power.

Section 8-26-28 Rules and regulations.

Section 8-26-29 Sale or transfer of athlete agent's interest in profits of the athlete agent.

Section 8-26-30 Interest in entity directly involved in same sport prohibited.

Section 8-26-31 Disclosure of athlete agent's interest in entity used in giving investment advice.

Section 8-26-32 Contracts in violation of law.

Section 8-26-33 Publication of false, fraudulent, etc., information; advertisements of athlete agent; false information or promises concerning employment.

Section 8-26-34 Division of fees with professional sports league prohibited; offers of compensation to university employees for referrals; employee of union or players association may not have interest in revenues.

Section 8-26-35 Limit on athlete agent's fee where athlete fails to procure or be paid for employment.

Section 8-26-36 Parties to action against athlete agent; transfer and assignment of action; jurisdiction determined by damages claimed.

Section 8-26-37 Service of process where athlete agent departs state with intent to defraud or avoid service.

Section 8-26-38 Referral of disputes to commission; appeal; certification that no controversy exists.

Section 8-26-39 Validity of provisions as to arbitration, existence of contract, validity, construction, performance, nonperformance, breach, operation, continuance, or termination.

Section 8-26-40 Effect of failure to comply with Section 8-26-4.

Section 8-26-41 Penalties for violation of chapter.