Michigan Code Of Military Justice Of 1980 (Excerpt) Act 523 Of 1980

Published: 2015

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Act 523 of 1980

32.1057 Sentence; forfeiture of pay or allowances; confinement; effective date; deferring service of sentence to confinement by governor; termination and rescission of deferment.

Sec. 57.

(1) If a sentence of a court-martial as lawfully adjudged and approved includes a forfeiture of pay or allowances, the forfeiture may apply to pay or allowances becoming due on or after the date the sentence is approved by the convening authority. A forfeiture shall not extend to pay or allowances accrued before the date of sentence.

(2) A period of confinement included in the sentence of a court-martial begins to run from the date the accused is confined pursuant to the sentence. If a person has been confined before the sentence because the person was unable to furnish a bond for the offense, the court-martial shall specifically grant a credit against the sentence for the amount of time confined before sentencing. A period during which the sentence to confinement is suspended shall not be computed as service of the term of confinement and shall not affect the power of the convening authority to vacate the suspension during the current enlistment of the accused.

(3) Each sentence of a court-martial is effective on the date the sentence is ordered executed.

(4) On application by an accused who is under sentence to confinement that has not been ordered executed, the convening authority or, if the accused is no longer under the convening authority's jurisdiction, the governor may defer service of the sentence to confinement. The deferment shall terminate when the sentence is ordered executed. The deferment may be rescinded at any time by the officer who granted the deferment or, if the accused is no longer under the officer's jurisdiction, by the governor.

History: 1980, Act 523, Eff. Mar. 31, 1981

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