4630.3000 Dishwashing Facilities

Published: 2015

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One of the following methods shall be employed in dishwashing:


Manual. A three-compartment sink or equivalent shall be provided, with compartments of adequate length, width, and depth to permit the complete immersion of the largest utensils to be washed and wire baskets or racks of dishes, and each compartment shall be supplied with hot and cold running water. There shall be a sufficient number of baskets to hold the dishes and utensils used during the peak load. The utensils and dishes shall be thoroughly washed in hot water containing a suitable soap or detergent in the first compartment, rinsed in clean water in the second compartment, and immersed completely in clean water at a temperature of not lower than 170 degrees Fahrenheit for at least two minutes in the third compartment. The third compartment shall be properly equipped with a heating unit or other means to maintain the specified temperature while in use. A thermometer which will accurately measure the temperature of the water in the third compartment shall also be provided. Drain racks shall be a part of the three-compartment sink and adequate space shall be available for drainage. Dishes and utensils shall be air-dried.


Mechanical. Water pressure in the lines supplying the wash and rinse sections of the dishwashing machine shall be maintained at a flow pressure of not less than 15 pounds per square inch, but not to exceed 25 pounds per square inch, and the water shall be at a manifold temperature not lower than 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The machines shall be equipped with thermometers which will accurately indicate the temperature of the wash and rinse water. New dishwashing machines shall conform to Standard Number 3 of the National Sanitation Foundation dated September 1956. Dishes and utensils shall be air-dried.


Where equipment or utensils must be cleaned in place or where for other reasons the methods described in items A and B are not feasible, other procedures that will provide equivalent cleaning and sanitizing shall be used.
In order to protect the clean dishes and utensils from contamination, proper storage space shall be provided.