7891.0100 Racing Soundness Examination

Published: 2015

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Subpart 1.

Horses subject to examination.

Every horse entered to race at a licensed racetrack under the jurisdiction of the commission shall be subjected to a veterinary examination for racing soundness and health on race day. The examination shall be conducted by the commission veterinarian or the association veterinarian in or near the stall to which the horse is assigned. The trainer of each horse or a representative of the trainer must present the horse for examination and move the horse as required by the examining veterinarian. Every horse to be examined must have had its legs cleaned of any poultice or other topical applications, must be free of leg bandages or be wearing bandages which are easily removed, and must not have been subjected within one hour of examination to freezing, icing, prolonged hosing with cold water, or any other means of reducing the temperature of the legs.

Subp. 1a.

Trainer must report location.

The trainer, when entering a horse, shall declare to the racing secretary or his or her designee the number of the barn in which the horse being entered will be stabled the day of the race. If the trainer will need a stall assigned for a ship-in horse, the trainer must so declare at the time of entry, and the racing secretary will assign a stall to be used on the day of the race.

Subp. 1b.

Racing secretary must provide stall assignments.

As soon as the overnight sheet is finalized, the racing secretary or his or her designee shall provide to the commission veterinarian a list showing, by race, the name of the horse, the trainer, and the barn number where the horse is to be stabled the day of the race.

Subp. 1c.

Trainer must post stall.

On each race day, trainers shall post a sign outside the entered horse's stall stating that the horse is "in today." The sign shall be posted by 9 A.M. on race day and must be removed after the horse has returned from racing on that day.

Subp. 2.

Record of examination.

The commission veterinarian shall maintain a continuing health and racing soundness record of each horse examined.