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RULE §355.90 Applicability and Definitions

Published: 2015

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(a) This subchapter applies to grant funds for the
development and revision of regional water plans.
(b) The following words and acronyms, used in this
subchapter, have the following meanings:
  (1) Board--The Texas Water Development Board.
  (2) Commission--The Texas Commission on Environmental
  (3) Eligible applicant--A political subdivision designated
by the regional water planning group and authorized to receive funds
for developing or revising regional water plans.
  (4) Executive administrator (EA)--The executive administrator
of the Board or a designated representative.
  (5) Political subdivision--A city, county, district
or authority created under the Texas Constitution, Article III, §52,
or Article XVI, §59, any other political subdivision of the state,
any interstate compact commission to which the state is a party, and
any nonprofit water supply corporation created and operating under
Texas Water Code Chapter 67 (relating to Nonprofit Water Supply or
Sewer Service Corporations).
  (6) Regional water plan--A plan or an amendment to
an adopted regional water plan developed by a regional water planning
group for a regional water planning area pursuant to the Texas Water
Code §16.053 (relating to Regional Water Plans).
  (7) Regional water planning area--A geographical area
designated and defined by the Board pursuant to the Texas Water Code §16.053.

  (8) Regional water planning group (RWPG)--A group designated
by the Board that develops a regional water plan, pursuant to the
Texas Water Code §16.053.
  (9) State environmental planning criteria--Criteria
adopted by the Board for inclusion in the state water plan; the criteria
are developed through coordination with the Commission and the Texas
Parks and Wildlife Department and are used for evaluating the feasibility
of water management strategies in a regional water plan when the RWPG
lacks information from site specific studies. The environmental planning
criteria are listed in Chapter 357 of this title (relating to Regional
Water Planning) and also include the Commission's environmental flows
standards at 30 TAC Chapter 298 (relating to Environmental Flow Standards
for Surface Water).
  (10) State population and demand projections--Population
and water demand projections contained in the state water plan or
adopted by the Board after consultation with the Commission, the Texas
Department of Agriculture, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department,
and RWPGs in preparation for revision of the state water plan.
  (11) State water plan--The most recent state water
plan adopted by the Board under the Texas Water Code §16.051
(relating to State Water Plan).

Source Note: The provisions of this §355.90 adopted to be effective August 12, 2012, 37 TexReg 5795