Published: 2015

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Article 1 Alabama City.

Section 45-28A-10 Reserved.

Article 2 Altoona.

Section 45-28A-20 Reserved.

Article 3 Atalla.

Part 1 Education.

Section 45-28A-30 Board of education - Established.

Section 45-28A-30.01 Board of education - Expense allowance.

Part 2 Utilities.

Section 45-28A-31 Attalla Waterworks Board - Compensation.

Article 4 Gadsden.

Part 1 Board of Commissioners.

Section 45-28A-40 Compensation.

Part 2 Education.

Section 45-28A-41 Board of education - Compensation.

Part 3 Employees.

Division 1 Civil Service System.

Section 45-28A-42 Applicability.

Section 45-28A-42.01 Police and fire departments under civil service.

Section 45-28A-42.02 Definitions.

Section 45-28A-42.03 Selection of board.

Section 45-28A-42.04 Oath of member.

Section 45-28A-42.05 Rules and regulations.

Section 45-28A-42.06 Application.

Section 45-28A-42.07 Examinations.

Section 45-28A-42.08 Appointment.

Section 45-28A-42.09 Emergency appointments.

Section 45-28A-42.10 Violations.

Section 45-28A-42.11 Removal.

Section 45-28A-42.12 Appeals.

Section 45-28A-42.13 Election of chair.

Section 45-28A-42.14 Recordkeeping.

Section 45-28A-42.15 Compensation for attendance.

Section 45-28A-42.16 Solicitation prohibited.

Section 45-28A-42.17 Rewards for contributions.

Section 45-28A-42.18 Political recommendations.

Section 45-28A-42.19 Violations.

Section 45-28A-42.20 Application to members.

Section 45-28A-42.21 Ineligibles.

Section 45-28A-42.22 Bond required.

Section 45-28A-42.23 Rules to be printed.

Section 45-28A-42.24 Penalties.

Section 45-28A-42.25 Monthly compensation.

Division 2 Policemen and Firemen's Retirement Fund Board of Trustees.

Section 45-28A-42.50 Applicability.

Section 45-28A-42.51 Creation.

Section 45-28A-42.52 Composition; compensation.

Section 45-28A-42.53 Secretary-treasurer; custodial care of the retirement fund.

Section 45-28A-42.54 Management and control of retirement fund.

Section 45-28A-42.55 Composition of retirement fund; investment.

Section 45-28A-42.56 Recordkeeping.

Section 45-28A-42.57 Warrants.

Section 45-28A-45.58 Exemptions.

Section 45-28A-42.59 Insufficient funding.

Section 45-28A-42.60 Forfeiture of benefits during reemployment; retirement.

Section 45-28A-42.61 Mandatory retirement.

Section 45-28A-42.62 Increase in retirement benefits.

Section 45-28A-42.63 Retirement of physically or mentally disabled members.

Section 45-28A-42.64 Application for disability retirement.

Section 45-28A-42.65 Payments to beneficiaries of deceased active member.

Section 45-28A-42.66 Payments to beneficiaries of deceased retired member.

Section 45-28A-42.67 Applications and proofs from beneficiaries.

Section 45-28A-42.68 Reimbursements of contributions.

Section 45-28A-42.69 Qualifications for participation.

Section 45-28A-42.70 Definitions.

Section 45-28A-42.71 List of retired policemen or firemen.

Section 45-28A-42.72 Assistance of city attorney.

Section 45-28A-42.73 Payment of expenses.

Section 45-28A-42.74 Appeals from decisions of board.

Section 45-28A-42.75 Construction with other laws.

Section 45-28A-42.76 Participation in Employees' Retirement System.

Part 4 Utilities.

Section 45-28A-43 Compensation.

Part 5 Alcoholic Beverages.

Section 45-28A-44 Regulation of sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Article 5 Glencoe.

Section 45-28A-50

Article 6 Hokes Bluff.

Section 45-28A-60 Reserved

Article 7 Rainbow City;

Part 1 Mayor.

Section 45-28A-70 Full-time position; compensation.

Part 2 Utilities.

Section 45-28A-71 Compensation of chair and board members.

Article 8 Reece City.

Section 45-28A-80 Reserved.

Article 9 Sardis City.

Section 45-28A-90 Television cable services.

Article 10 Southside.

Section 45-28A-100 Reserved.

Article 11 Walnut Grove.

Section 45-28A-110 Reserved.