Section .0800 ‑ Special Restricted Licenses

Link to law: 21 - occupational licensing boards and commissions/chapter 18 - electrical contractors/subchapter b/21 ncac 18b .0801.html
Published: 2015

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21 NCAC 18B .0801          GENERAL PROVISIONS

(a)  Types.  A special restricted electrical contracting

license classification is a classification established pursuant to G.S. 87‑43.3

or by G.S. 87‑43.4.  Its purpose is to license persons, partnerships,

firms, or corporations to engage or offer to engage in only a limited phase of

electrical contracting work.  Each special restricted license classification is

separate from all other special restricted and regular license classifications. 

The General Assembly created the special restricted single family dwelling

electrical contractor license in G.S. 87-43.4.  Pursuant to G.S. 87‑43.3,

the Board has established the following special restricted electrical

contracting licenses:

(1)           fire alarm/low voltage wiring license


(2)           elevator license (SP‑EL);

(3)           plumbing, heating, and air conditioning

license (SP‑PH);

(4)           groundwater pump license (SP‑WP);

(5)           electric sign license (SP‑ES); and

(6)           swimming pool license (SP‑SP).

(b)  Limited Scope.  A special restricted contracting

license does not authorize the licensee to engage or offer to engage in the

business of electrical contracting in general.  It authorizes the licensee to

engage or offer to engage only in the limited phase of electrical contracting

described in the Rule in this Section that specifies the scope of the

applicable special restricted license.

(c)  No Project Value Limit.  The limitations concerning the

dollar value of projects that may be undertaken by a limited or an intermediate

licensee do not apply to special restricted licensees.  Thus, the holder of a

special restricted license may engage or offer to engage in any project

authorized by the license regardless of the dollar value of the project.

(d)  Effect of Regular License.  A licensee in the regular

license classifications, whether limited, intermediate or unlimited, is

qualified to engage or offer to engage in any activity authorized by a special

restricted license, subject to the project value limitations contained in G.S.

87‑43.3, and does not have to obtain a special restricted license.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87‑42; 87‑43.3;


Eff. October 1, 1988;

Amended Eff. January 1, 2010; February 1, 1995; February

1, 1990.