Published: 2015

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Article 1 Marketing of Agricultural Products.

Section 2-11-1 Purposes of article.

Section 2-11-2 Marketing in bulk or ungraded.

Section 2-11-3 Powers of commissioner and board.

Section 2-11-4 Date standards become effective; information concerning standards.

Section 2-11-5 Federal standards may be adopted; cooperation with federal government.

Section 2-11-6 Designation and licensing of inspectors; duties; fees; unlawful acts.

Section 2-11-7 Certificate as evidence.

Section 2-11-8 Rules and regulations.

Section 2-11-9 Bonds of employees and inspectors.

Section 2-11-10 Offenses by or concerning employees and inspectors.

Section 2-11-11 Violations of standards; disposition of fines and fees.

Article 2 Marketing of Catfish.

Section 2-11-30 Short title.

Section 2-11-31 Definitions.

Section 2-11-32 Administration of article.

Section 2-11-33 Requirements as to advertisement or labeling for sale of catfish products generally.

Section 2-11-34 Information to be provided to persons, firms, etc., to whom catfish products distributed or sold for resale by distributors, processors, etc.

Section 2-11-35 Promulgation, amendment, etc., of rules or regulations by commissioner.

Section 2-11-36 Publication by commissioner of information as to sale, etc., of catfish products.

Section 2-11-37 Cooperation, etc., of commissioner with state or federal agencies, etc.

Section 2-11-38 Proceedings for enforcement of provisions of chapter and rules or regulations promulgated thereunder generally.

Section 2-11-39 Suspension from sale, seizure and condemnation of catfish sold in violation of provisions of article.

Section 2-11-40 Penalty for violations of provisions of article for which no civil penalty provided.

Article 2A

Section 2-11-45 Weighing procedures; printed ticket.

Article 3 Grading and Standards of Farm Products and Fish Generally.

Section 2-11-50 Article not applicable to saltwater fish and seafood.

Section 2-11-51 Commissioner authorized to make rules and regulations.

Section 2-11-52 Establishment and alteration of grades and standards.

Section 2-11-53 Adoption of brands, labels or trademarks; application for use; revocation or suspension of right to use.

Section 2-11-54 Publicity as to establishment of grades, etc.

Section 2-11-55 Unauthorized use of brand or label.

Section 2-11-56 Inspection of farm products and fish; certificate.

Section 2-11-57 Right of entry; samples; obstructing commissioner, etc., in performance of duty.

Section 2-11-58 Disposition of fees and charges.

Section 2-11-59 Article cumulative.

Article 4 Grading and Standards of Fruits and Vegetables.

Section 2-11-70 Definitions.

Section 2-11-71 Declaration of purpose.

Section 2-11-72 Official grades; issuance of certificates of inspection.

Section 2-11-73 Labeling requirements.

Section 2-11-74 Inspection certificate required.

Section 2-11-75 Compulsory inspection and labeling in certain areas.

Section 2-11-76 Administration and enforcement; powers of commissioner; fees.

Section 2-11-77 Rules and regulations.

Section 2-11-78 Penalty.

Section 2-11-79 Injunction.

Article 5 Grading and Standards of Grain.

Section 2-11-90 Commissioner's duties.

Section 2-11-91 State Board of Agriculture and Industries' powers.

Section 2-11-92 Stations for inspection; grade certificates.

Section 2-11-93 Designation of inspectors to grade grain; interest in grain warehouse or elevator.

Section 2-11-94 Inspector's certificate of authority.

Section 2-11-95 Sale without certificate of grade.

Section 2-11-96 Grading by samples.

Section 2-11-97 Appeal from grading.

Section 2-11-98 Publication of grain standards.

Section 2-11-99 Apparatus for testing and grading.

Section 2-11-100 Inspection.

Section 2-11-101 Disposition of funds and fees.

Section 2-11-102 Applicability of laws relative to inspection, suspension from sale, seizure, etc.

Section 2-11-103 Violations of article.

Article 6 Labeling and Marketing of Honey Products.

Section 2-11-120 Definitions.

Section 2-11-121 Labeling requirements - Generally.

Section 2-11-122 Labeling requirements - Use of "imitation" and "honey."

Section 2-11-123 Penalty.