Section 1400 – Recovery And Rehabilitation Of Chemically Dependent Ems Personnel

Link to law: 10a - health and human services/chapter 13 - nc medical care commission/subchapter p/10a ncac 13p .1401.html
Published: 2015

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10A NCAC 13P .1401        chemical addiction or abuse treatment

program requirements

(a)  The OEMS shall provide a treatment program for aiding

in the recovery and rehabilitation of EMS personnel subject to disciplinary

action for being unable to perform as credentialed EMS personnel with

reasonable skill and safety to patients and the public by reason of use of

alcohol, drugs, chemicals, or any other type of material and who are recommended

by the EMS Disciplinary Committee pursuant to G.S. 143-519.

(b)  This program requires:

(1)           an initial assessment by a healthcare

professional specialized in chemical dependency affiliated with the treatment


(2)           a treatment plan developed for the

individual using the findings of the initial assessment;

(3)           random body fluid screenings;

(4)           the individual attend three self-help

recovery meetings each week for the first year of participation, and two each

week for the remainder of participation in the treatment program;

(5)           monitoring of the individual for compliance

with the treatment program; and

(6)           written progress reports available for

review by the EMS Disciplinary Committee:

(A)          upon completion of the initial assessment by the treatment


(B)          upon request by the EMS Disciplinary Committee

throughout the individual's participation in the treatment program;

(C)          upon completion of the treatment program;

(D)          of all body fluid screenings showing chain of


(E)           by the therapist or counselor assigned to the

individual during the course of the treatment program; and

(F)           listing attendance at self-help recovery meetings.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 131E-159(f);

143-508(d)(10); 143-509(13); 143-519;

Eff. October 1, 2010.