Published: 2015

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Article 1 Definitions.

Section 25-4-1 Base period.

Section 25-4-2 Benefits.

Section 25-4-3 Benefit year.

Section 25-4-4 Calendar quarter; fiscal year.

Section 25-4-5 Contributions; payments in lieu of contributions.

Section 25-4-6 Director.

Section 25-4-7 Employee.

Section 25-4-8 Employer.

Section 25-4-9 Employing unit.

Section 25-4-10 Employment.

Section 25-4-11 Employment office.

Section 25-4-12 Fund.

Section 25-4-13 Insured work.

Section 25-4-14 State.

Section 25-4-15 Unemployment administration fund.

Section 25-4-16 Wages.

Section 25-4-17 Week.

Article 2 Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.

Section 25-4-30 Administration and composition.

Section 25-4-31 Treasurer; separate accounts; disposition of interest and penalties.

Section 25-4-32 Requisition of moneys from trust fund.

Section 25-4-33 Overpayments.

Article 2A Employment Security Enhancement Funds.

Section 25-4-40.1 Employment Security Enhancement Fund.

Article 3 Contributions and Payments in Lieu of Contributions.

Section 25-4-50 Accrual; time and manner of payment by employers.

Section 25-4-51 Rates of contributions, etc., by employers.

Section 25-4-52 Contributions by employees.

Section 25-4-53 Withholding of employee contributions.

Section 25-4-54 Contribution rates for employers subject to benefit charges; determination of individual benefit charges.

Section 25-4-55 Payment of interest on moneys advanced by federal government - Contributory employer's assessment; method of determining amount; procedures.

Section 25-4-56 Payment of interest on moneys advanced by federal government - Creation of special interest payment fund; deposits; administration; disposition.

Section 25-4-57 Payment of interest on moneys advanced by federal government - Assessment to discontinue when all interest paid; payment of interest on money advanced after previously borrowed funds repaid.

Section 25-4-58 Payment of interest on moneys advanced by federal government - Disposition of moneys in fund when assessment discontinued.

Article 4 Benefits.

Section 25-4-70 Accrual; time and manner of payment; services in employ of Indian tribe.

Section 25-4-71 When individuals deemed unemployed.

Section 25-4-72 Individual weekly benefit amount.

Section 25-4-73 Individual weekly benefit payment.

Section 25-4-74 Maximum individual benefit entitlement during benefit year.

Section 25-4-75 Extension of benefit period.

Section 25-4-76 Maritime employment and benefit rights.

Section 25-4-77 Benefits eligibility conditions; "suitable employment" and jury duty defined; applicability of subdivision (a)(5).

Section 25-4-78 Disqualifications for benefits.

Article 5 Procedure for Claims for Benefits.

Section 25-4-90 Filing claims for benefits.

Section 25-4-91 Determinations and redeterminations upon claims for benefits.

Section 25-4-92 Appeals tribunals - Appointment; procedure; when decisions final.

Section 25-4-93 Appeals tribunals - Power to affirm, modify or set aside decision; notification of parties.

Section 25-4-94 Powers and duties of board of appeals for Department of Industrial Relations.

Section 25-4-95 Appeals from final decisions of board of appeals or appeals tribunal.

Section 25-4-96 Procedure exclusive.

Section 25-4-97 Powers of appeals tribunal, board of appeals and officers of Department of Industrial Relations as to witnesses; witness fees.

Article 6 Administration.

Section 25-4-110 Powers and duties of director as to administration of chapter generally.

Section 25-4-111 Adoption, etc., of general rules and regulations.

Section 25-4-112 Publication and distribution of general rules and regulations, etc.

Section 25-4-113 Employees; immunity from civil suit; exception.

Section 25-4-114 Advisory council.

Section 25-4-115 Duties of director, etc., with respect to reduction of unemployment, etc.

Section 25-4-116 Records and reports of employing units.

Section 25-4-117 Representation in court actions.

Section 25-4-118 Cooperation with state and federal agencies, institutions of higher education, public and law enforcement officials, etc.; penalty for wrongfully securing or misusing information.

Section 25-4-119 Compromise or waiver of civil penalties or interest charges.

Section 25-4-120 Reciprocal arrangements with state and federal agencies.

Article 7 General Provisions.

Section 25-4-130 Duration of employer's coverage under this chapter; termination of coverage.

Section 25-4-131 Election of coverage under chapter by employing units and political subdivisions.

Section 25-4-132 Assessment of interest on delinquent contribution payments.

Section 25-4-133 Penalties for delinquent contribution payments and reports.

Section 25-4-134 Procedures for collection of delinquent contribution payments.

Section 25-4-135 Effect of bankruptcy or liquidation of employer.

Section 25-4-136 Director may extend time for payment of contributions.

Section 25-4-137 Adjustments or refunds.

Section 25-4-138 Agreement to waive right to benefits; agreement to pay employer's contributions; reduction of wages to finance employer's contributions.

Section 25-4-139 Fees in proceedings under chapter.

Section 25-4-140 Certain assignments, etc., of right to benefits void; exemption from attachment, etc.; exception.

Section 25-4-142 Employment Security Administration Fund; Special Employment Security Administration Fund; replacement of certain funds.

Section 25-4-143 Appropriations.

Section 25-4-144 Reservation of right to repeal or amend chapter.

Section 25-4-145 Penalties; limitation of actions; collection of overpayments; waiver of overpayments.

Section 25-4-146 Certain employees of Department of Industrial Relations constituted peace officers to enforce unemployment compensation law and other specified state criminal laws.

Section 25-4-147 Arrest fee; disposition of fees collected.

Section 25-4-148 Disposition of trust funds, etc., in event of invalidity of provisions pertaining to payment of contributions and benefits.

Section 25-4-149 Appropriation of funds for payment of benefits for state employees generally.

Section 25-4-150 Payment of fringe benefits for employees of local boards of education.

Section 25-4-151 Effect of challenges to or invalidation of federal unemployment compensation amendments of 1976.

Section 25-4-152 Deduction of child support obligations; procedures; reimbursement for administrative costs; time of implementation; deduction of federal income tax.

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