§1102. Eligible investments

Link to law: http://legislature.maine.gov/legis/statutes/24-A/title24-Asec1102.html
Published: 2015

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§1102. Eligible investments

Insurers shall hereafter invest in or lend their funds on the security of and shall
hold as eligible investments only those as prescribed in this chapter.

1969, c. 177, §17 (AMD)

Any particular investment held by an insurer on January 1, 1970, which was a legal
investment at the time it was made, and which the insurer was legally entitled to
possess immediately prior to such effective date, shall be deemed to be an eligible

1973, c. 625, §137 (AMD)

Eligibility of an investment shall be determined as of the date of its making or
acquisition, except as stated in subsection 2, or in section 1131, subsection 2, or
section 1134.

1979, c. 458, §1 (AMD)

Any investment limitation or diversification requirement based upon the amount of
the insurer's assets or particular funds shall relate to such assets or funds as shown
by the insurer's annual statement as of the December 31st next preceding the date
of acquisition of the investment by the insurer or as shown by a current applicable
financial statement, prepared on the same basis as that annual statement, resulting
from merger with another insurer, bulk reinsurance or change in capitalization.

1987, c. 399, §4 (AMD)

Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to prohibit an insurer from advancing funds
to another insurer upon the type of agreement provided for in section 3415 (borrowed
capital funds), and subject to the terms of such section 3415.

1969, c. 132, §1 (NEW)


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