§1408. Cooperation with state departments

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Published: 2015

§1408. Cooperation with state departments

Whenever it is determined advisable, the chief administrative officer of any institution providing services for persons with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or autism may cooperate with state departments to examine upon request and recommend suitable
treatment and supervision for: [2011, c. 542, Pt. A, §72 (AMD).]

1. Mental illness, intellectual disability or autism. 
Persons thought to have a mental illness, an intellectual disability or autism; and

2011, c. 542, Pt. A, §72 (AMD)

2. Juvenile Court. 
Children brought before any Juvenile Court.

1983, c. 459, §7 (NEW)


1983, c. 459, §7 (NEW).
2011, c. 542, Pt. A, §72 (AMD).
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