7875.0200 Equipment

Published: 2015

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7875.0200 EQUIPMENT.

Subpart 1.


Each association must include equipment, devices, or apparatus necessary to start, time, film or tape, and photograph the finish of every race. Equipment necessary to view photographs, films, and tapes of each race must be provided. Each association must include pari-mutuel equipment, devices, or apparatus necessary to sell and cash tickets, compile pari-mutuel data, and display odds. An association also must include adequate internal communications equipment. The facilities must be in compliance with the requirements of the ADA insofar as offering special accommodations or alternative equipment to disabled individuals. An association shall provide the commission office with a pari-mutuel console for purposes of displaying and viewing current racing information.

Subp. 2.

Pari-mutuel central processing unit.

The pari-mutuel central processing unit must be designed to calculate, at intervals of not more than 60 seconds between each complete change, the total amounts wagered on each betting interest as wagering progresses. Approximate odds on each betting interest in the win pool shall be updated on the totalizator board at intervals of not more than 60 seconds. Approximate odds or approximate payoffs on all multiple pari-mutuel pools, except the pick six, shall be displayed on television monitors at regular intervals. The pari-mutuel central processing unit shall provide a record of total amount wagered and amount wagered on each betting interest.

Subp. 3.

Internal communications.

An internal communications system shall link the stewards' stand, pari-mutuel department, patrol judges, and other locations which the commission determines necessary to internal communications.

Subp. 4.

Starting gates.

At least two starting gates must be in service on each race day and shall be tested daily prior to the first race. Class D licensees are required to have one starting gate. Two tractors or teams of draught horses shall be positioned to pull any gate from a racecourse. Thoroughbred starting gates must be padded to prevent injury to jockeys, assistant starters, and horses. The arms of a standardbred starting gate shall have a screen or shield in front of each horse, and the arms shall be perpendicular to the rail when extended.

Subp. 5.

Photo finish.

Except for class D licensees, a photo finish system must simultaneously use a backup camera in case of malfunction of the primary system.

Subp. 6.


An association must use an electric timing system. An official shall be designated to use a handheld stopwatch to record the time should the electric timing system fail.

Subp. 7.

Film patrol.

Color film or color videotape recordings shall show clearly the position and actions of horses, jockeys, and drivers at close range. At least three cameras shall be used for every race to provide panoramic and head-on views of the race except that class D licensees may use one camera for standardbred races and two cameras for quarter horse races.

Subp. 8.


All photo finish film or videotape records shall be preserved for at least 30 days after the close of a meeting or until legal proceedings involving a recorded race are concluded, whichever is later.

Subp. 9.

External communications.

An association may have telephone systems on the premises during a race meeting for the benefit of the public, the press, or for transacting ordinary business.
No information regarding the results of any race shall be transmitted out of the racetrack until the results are official except for races that are broadcast or televised live. Under no circumstances shall any message be sent over said systems transmitting money, or other things of value, or directing the placing of any wager on the result of a race.
The use of public or portable telephones, transmitters, electronic communications devices, or any other instrument that can be used for transmitting or receiving messages off the grounds to transmit wagering information of any kind is strictly prohibited. Anyone deemed to have used such an instrument to transmit or receive wagering information is subject to ejection and the equipment is subject to confiscation.
No telephone calls or messages of any kind for any person attending or participating in the conduct of a race meeting shall be accepted, nor shall any notice be given pertaining to such message or telephone call during the hours indicated unless permission is first given by the stewards or the authorized representative of the commission.
A telephone on a private line shall be provided in the offices of the commission. All costs of the telephone service shall be borne by the association and the service shall not be interrupted at any time. At the request of the commission, TDD devices shall be installed on all commission telephones at the track, and costs associated with the devices shall be borne by the association.
At least one of the public telephones allowed at an association shall be equipped with a TDD device.