Contracts Of Public Servants With Public Entities (Excerpt) Act 317 Of 1968

Published: 2015

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Act 317 of 1968

15.323 Applicability of MCL 15.322 to public servants; requirements of contract; making or participating in governmental decision; counting members for purposes of quorum; voting; affidavit; “governmental decision” defined.

Sec. 3.

(1) Section 2 does not apply to either of the following:

(a) A public servant who is paid for working an average of 25 hours per week or less for a public entity.

(b) A public servant who is an employee of a public community college, junior college, or state college or university.

(2) A contract as defined in and limited by section 2 involving a public entity and a public servant described in subsection (1) shall meet all of the following requirements:

(a) The public servant promptly discloses any pecuniary interest in the contract to the official body that has power to approve the contract, which disclosure shall be made a matter of record in its official proceedings. Unless the public servant making the disclosure will directly benefit from the contract in an amount less than $250.00 and less than 5% of the public cost of the contract and the public servant files a sworn affidavit to that effect with the official body or the contract is for emergency repairs or services, the disclosure shall be made in either of the following manners:

(i) The public servant promptly discloses in writing to the presiding officer, or if the presiding officer is the public servant who is a party to the contract, to the clerk, the pecuniary interest in the contract at least 7 days prior to the meeting at which a vote will be taken. The disclosure shall be made public in the same manner as a public meeting notice.

(ii) The public servant discloses the pecuniary interest at a public meeting of the official body. The vote shall be taken at a meeting of the official body held at least 7 days after the meeting at which the disclosure is made. If the amount of the direct benefit to the public servant is more than $5,000.00, disclosure must be made as provided under this subparagraph.

(b) The contract is approved by a vote of not less than 2/3 of the full membership of the approving body in open session without the vote of the public servant making the disclosure.

(c) The official body discloses the following summary information in its official minutes:

(i) The name of each party involved in the contract.

(ii) The terms of the contract, including duration, financial consideration between parties, facilities or services of the public entity included in the contract, and the nature and degree of assignment of employees of the public entity for fulfillment of the contract.

(iii) The nature of any pecuniary interest.

(3) This section and section 2 do not prevent a public servant from making or participating in making a governmental decision to the extent that the public servant's participation is required by law. If 2/3 of the members are not eligible under this act to vote on a contract or to constitute a quorum, a member may be counted for purposes of a quorum and may vote on the contract if the member will directly benefit from the contract in an amount less than $250.00 and less than 5% of the public cost of the contract and the member files a sworn affidavit to that effect with the official body. The affidavit shall be made a part of the public record of the official proceedings. As used in this subsection, “governmental decision” means a determination, action, vote, or disposition upon a motion, proposal, recommendation, resolution, ordinance, order, or measure on which a vote by members of a local legislative or governing body of a public entity is required and by which a public body effectuates or formulates public policy.

History: 1968, Act 317, Eff. Sept. 1, 1968


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Compiler's Notes: Section 191 of Act 227 of the Public Acts of 1975 repealed MCL 4.401 to 4.410, 168.901 to 168.929, 15.321 to 15.330, 15.301 to 15.310, and 15.341 to 15.348. The Michigan Supreme Court, however, in Advisory Opinion on Constitutionality of 1975 PA 227, 396 Mich. 123, 240 N.W.2d 193 (1976), held Act 227 of the Public Acts of 1975 unconstitutional for being in violation of Mich. Const., Art. 4, § 24.

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