§23-33-12  Inspection – Reinspection – Examination and Licensee fee – Renewal. –

Published: 2015

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Health and Safety


Elevators, Escalators, and Dumbwaiters

SECTION 23-33-12

   § 23-33-12  Inspection – Reinspection

– Examination and Licensee fee – Renewal. –

(a)(1) For every orignal inspection made by the inspectors under the provisions

of this chapter, the owner shall pay to the division the required fee which

shall include the cost of the certificate. The fee shall be paid in the amount

of amounts as set forth as follows:

   Inspection of dumbwaiters $  72.00

   Biennial inspection of elevator or escalator 200.00

   Inspection of elevator 120.00

   Inspection of escalator or moving walk 120.00

   Inspection of wheelchair lift 72.00

   Inspection of vertical reciprocating conveyors 72.00

   Annual renewal of authorized inspection permit 60.00

   Authorized inspector's examination fee 60.00

   This fee shall include the initial inspection.

   Reinspection of elevators and escalators 90.00

   Reinspection of all other devices 54.00

   Delinquent payment fee 24.00

   Duplicate certificate fee 12.00

   Company license 240.00

   Mechanics/Installers license 78.00

   (2) A fee in the amount of one percent (1%) of the contract

price shall accompany each application for a permit to install or modernize any

device subject to the provisions of this chapter.

   (b) The inspection fee shall be paid immediately upon the

conclusion of the inspection and before a certificate is issued, provided,

however, that no inspection fees shall be paid by any city, town, or fire

district, or state agency, or by any religious or charitable society,

association, or church.

   (c) A delinquent payment fee shall be due and payable on all

invoices received more than thirty (30) days past the billing date.

   (d) All certificates shall be renewable annually except for

those certificates issued to locations with full maintenance contracts. Such

locations shall be issued certificates valid for a period of two (2) years,

unless the contract becomes null and void, in which case the certificate shall

become annually renewable. All certificates shall be valid until revoked.

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