§6003. Powers and duties

Link to law: http://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/09/151/06003
Published: 2015

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[Section 6003 repealed effective July 1, 2018.]

[Section 6003 repealed effective July 1,



6003. Powers and duties

The Vermont

Financial Literacy Commission established by section 6002 of this title shall

have the following powers and duties necessary and appropriate to achieve the

purposes of this chapter:

(1) collaborate

with relevant State agencies and departments, private enterprise, and nonprofit


(2) incentivize

Vermont's k-16 educational system, businesses, community organizations, and

governmental agencies to implement financial literacy and capability programs;

(3) advise the

administration, governmental agencies and departments, and the General Assembly

on the current status of our citizens' financial literacy and capability;

(4) create and

maintain a current inventory of all financial literacy and capability

initiatives available in the State, and in particular identify trusted options

that will benefit our citizens;

(5) identify

ways to equip Vermonters with the training, information, skills, and tools they

need to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives and ways to help

individuals with low income get access to needed financial products and


(6) identify

ways to help Vermonters with low income save and build assets;

(7) identify

ways to help increase the percentage of Vermont employees saving for


(8) recommend

actions that can be taken by the public and private sector to achieve the goal

of increasing the financial literacy and capability of all Vermonters;

(9) promote and

raise the awareness in our State about the importance of financial literacy and


(10) identify

key indicators to be tracked regarding financial literacy and capability in


(11) analyze

data to monitor the progress in achieving an increase in the financial literacy

and capability of Vermont's citizens;

(12) pursue and

accept funding for, and direct the administration of, the Financial Literacy

Commission Fund created in section 6004 of this title;

(13) consider

and implement research and policy initiatives that provide effective and

meaningful results; and

(14) issue a

report during the first month of each legislative biennium on the Commission's

progress and recommendations for increasing the financial literacy and

capability of Vermont's citizens, including an accounting of receipts,

disbursements, and earnings of the Financial Literacy Commission Fund, and

whether the Commission should be reconfigured, to:

(A) the


(B) the House

Committees on Commerce and Economic Development, on Education, on Government

Operations, and on Human Services; and

(C) the Senate

Committees on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs, on Education,

on Government Operations, and on Health and Welfare. (Added 2015, No. 55, § 3.)