Local Government Act 1999

Link to law: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1999/27/contents

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Part I Best Value

Best value authorities

1. Best value authorities.
2. Power to extend or disapply.


3. The general duty.
4. Performance indicators and standards.
5. Best value reviews.
6. Best value performance plans.

Audit of best value performance plans

7. Audit.
8. Code of practice and fees.
9. Response to audit.

Best value inspections

10. Inspections.
11. Inspectors’ powers and duties.
12. Fees.
13. Reports.
14. Inspections: housing benefit and council tax benefit.
15. Secretary of State’s powers.

Exercise of functions by best value authorities

16. Power to modify enactments and confer new powers.
17. Orders under section 16: procedure.
18. Contracting out.
19. Contracts: exclusion of non-commercial considerations.
20. Publication of information.


21. Transition from compulsory competitive tendering to best value.
22. Audit Commission.
23. Accounts.
24. Police Act 1996.
25. Coordination of inspections, &c.
26. Guidance.
27. Commencement.
28. Orders and regulations.
29. Modifications for Wales.

Part II Regulation of Council Tax and Precepts

30. Limitation of council tax and precepts.
31. Major precepting authorities: further regulation.

Part III General

32. Meaning of financial year.
33. Finance.
34. Repeals.
35. Extent.
36. Short title.


Limitation of Council Tax and Precepts

Part I The New Chapter
1.In Part I of the Local Government Finance Act 1992...

Part II Other Amendments

Local Government Finance Act 1992 (c. 14)

2.The Local Government Finance Act 1992 shall be amended as...
3.In section 31 (substituted amounts) in subsection (1)(a) for “or...
4.In section 42 (substituted precepts) in subsection (1)(b) for “or...
5.Chapter V of Part I (limitation of council tax and...
6.In section 66 (judicial review) in subsection (2)(c) for “60”...
7.In section 67 (functions to be discharged only by authority)...
8.In section 106 (restrictions on voting) in subsection (2)(a) for...
9.In section 113 (orders and regulations)— (a) in subsection (1)...

Police Act 1996 (c. 16)
10.In section 41(2) of the Police Act 1996 (directions as...

These repeals have effect in accordance with sections 21 and...