Chemical Weapons Act 1996

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1. General interpretation.

Chemical weapons

2. Use etc. of chemical weapons.
3. Application of section 2.
4. Suspicious objects.
5. Power to remove or immobilise objects.
6. Power to destroy removed objects.
7. Power to enter premises and destroy objects.
8. Compensation for destruction.
9. Offences relating to destruction etc.
10. Destruction etc: supplementary.

Premises for producing chemical weapons etc.

11. Premises or equipment for producing chemical weapons.
12. Suspicious equipment or buildings.
13. Notice requiring destruction or alteration.
14. Power where notice not complied with.
15. Position where no notice can be served.
16. Compensation for destruction or alteration.
17. Offences relating to destruction etc.
18. Destruction etc: supplementary.

Chemicals for permitted purposes

19. Restriction on use etc.
20. Licences.

Information and records

21. Information for purposes of Act.
22. Information and records for purposes of Convention.
23. Identifying persons who have information.

Inspections under Convention

24. Inspections: interpretation.
25. Rights of entry etc. for purposes of inspections.
26. Offences in connection with inspections.
27. Privileges and immunities in connection with inspections.
28. Reimbursement of expenditure.

Offences: miscellaneous

29. Power to search and obtain evidence
30. Forfeiture in case of conviction.
30A. Customs and Excise prosecutions
31. Offences: other provisions.

Other miscellaneous provisions

32. Disclosure of information.
33. Annual reports by Secretary of State.
34. Service of notices.
35. Amendment of Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts.
36. Power to amend this Act.
37. The Crown.


38. Finance.
39. Commencement, extent and citation.


Scheduled Toxic Chemicals and Precursors

1. Notes:
2.In this Schedule the reference to the CAS registry is...
3.This Schedule must be read subject to the following proposition,...