Appropriation Act (2009-2010 ) 2009

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BE IT ENACTED by the King and Legislative Assembly in the Legislature
of the Kingdom as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as the 2009-2010 Appropriation Act 2009 and
shall be deemed to come into effect on 1 July 2009.

2. There shall be issued from public money and applied to the service of
the year ending the thirtieth of June, Two Thousand and Ten, any sum
or sums not exceeding the sum of two hundred and twenty five million,
four hundred and seven thousand, one hundred and twenty one pa‘anga
for defraying the charge of the Government of Tonga for such period
in the manner expressed in the Schedule to this Act.

3. Money appropriated under this Act may be expended only in relation
to the purposes set out in this Act.

4. The Minister of Finance shall issue and make funds available according
to this Act and in accordance to the cash flow forecasts agreed between
the head of the entity responsible for the Vote and the Minister of Finance.

5. The authority to expend cash or incur expenses or liabilities under this
Act will lapse on 30 June 2010.

Passed by the Legislative Assembly this 23rd day of June, 2009.

I assent,


30th June, 2009

Tonga. No. 1 of 20092. Ko e Lao ke Fakahu Atu ‘a e Pa‘anga 2009-2010 ki he Ngaahi Ngaue ‘a e Pule‘anga –1 ‘o e 2009.

[12th of June 2001.]


Vahe Potungaue Lahi ‘o e Pa‘anga

01 ‘Ofisi Palasi $ 5,225,000

02 Fale Alea $ 4,116,000

03 ‘Ofisi Palemia $ 10,229,330

04 Komisona ki he Va mo e Kakai $ 1,513,714

05 ‘Ofisi ‘Atita $ 1,020,000

06 Potungaue Pa‘anga mo e Palani Fakafonua $ 61,617,259

07 Potungaue Ngaahi Ngaue ki Muli $ 9,715,000

08 Tau Malu‘i Fonua ‘a Tonga $ 9,353,000

09 Potungaue Fonua, Savea, Ngaahi Koloa Fakanatula $ 2,500,000
mo e ‘Atakai

10 Potungaue Fakamaau‘anga $ 2,109,000

11 Potungaue Polisi, Pilisone mo e Va‘a Tamate Afi $ 16,548,652

12 Potungaue Ako, Kakai Fefine mo e Tukufakaholo $ 31,385,162

13 Potungaue Mo‘ui $ 26,049,000

14 Potungaue Ngaue, Me‘atokoni, Ngaahi Vao‘akau $ 11,827,451
mo e Toutai

15 Potungaue Ngaue ‘a e Kakai, Fefakatau‘aki $ 2,634,650
mo e Ngaahi Ngaue‘anga

16 Potungaue Takimamata $ 2,174,000

17 Potungaue Ngaue $ 11,102,000

18 Potungaue ‘o e Fefononga‘aki $ 3,437,420

19 Potungaue Ako Ngaue, Ma‘ungaue, To‘utupu mo e Sipoti $ 5,311,000

20 Potungaue Lao $ 1,380,000

21 Potungaue ki he Ngaahi Kautaha ‘o e Pule‘anga $ 622,558

22 Potungaue Pa‘anga Hu Mai $ 4,712,300

23 Potungaue ki he Fetu‘utaki mo e Ngaahi Fakamatala $ 794,625

Fakamole Fakakatoa $ 225,407,121

Metuisela Falesiva, General Manager


[23 June, 2009]


Vote Ministry Amount

01 Palace Office $ 5,225,000

02 Legislative Assembly $ 4,116,000

03 Prime Minister’s Office $ 10,229,330

04 Commissioner of Public Relations $ 1,513,714

05 Audit Office $ 1,020,000

06 Ministry of Finance and National Planning $ 61,617,259

07 Ministry of Foreign Affairs $ 9,715,000

08 Tonga Defence Services $ 9,353,000

09 Ministry of Lands, Survey, Natural Resources $ 2,500,000
and Environment

10 Ministry of Justice $ 2,109,000

11 Ministry of Police, Prisons and Fire Services $ 16,548,652

12 Ministry of Education, Women’s Affairs and Culture $ 31,385,162

13 Ministry of Health $ 26,049,000

14 Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forests and Fisheries $ 11,827,451

15 Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industries $ 2,634,650

16 Ministry of Tourism $ 2,174,000

17 Ministry of Works $ 11,102,000

18 Ministry of Transport $ 3,437,420

19 Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports $ 5,311,000

20 Crown Law Department $ 1,380,000

21 Ministry of Public Enterprises $ 622,558

22 Revenue Services Department $ 4,712,300

23. Ministry of Communication and Information $ 794,625

Total Expenditure $ 225,407,121

2. The 2009/2010 Appropriation Act – 1 of 2009

‘Oku ou loto ki ai,


30 ‘o Sune, 2009

Tonga Fika 1 ‘o e 2009

[12 ‘o Sune 2001]



‘OKU TU‘UTU‘UNI ‘e he Tu‘i mo e Fale Alea ‘o Tonga ‘i he Fakataha
Alea ‘o e Pule‘anga ‘o pehe ni:

1. ‘E ui ‘a e Lao ni ko e Lao ke Fakahu Atu ‘a e Pa‘anga 2009-2010
ki he ngaahi ngaue ‘a e Pule‘anga 2009, pea kuo pau ke kamata ngaue‘aki
‘i he ‘aho 1 ‘o Siulai 2009.

2. Kuo pau ke fakahu atu mei he pa‘anga ‘a e Pule‘anga, pea ke ngaue‘aki
ki he ngaue ‘i he ta‘u, ‘oku ngata ‘i he ‘aho tolungofulu ‘o Sune
‘o e ta‘u Uaafe Hongofulu, ‘a e pa‘anga ‘o ‘ikai lahi hake ‘i he pa‘anga
‘e uangeau uangofulu ma nima miliona, fa kilu fitu afe, teau uangofulu
ma taha ke totongi ‘aki ‘a e ngaahi ngaue ‘o e Pule‘anga ‘o Tonga,
‘i he ta‘u ko ia.

3. Ko e pa‘anga ‘oku faka‘ata ‘i he Lao ni ke ngaue‘aki, kuo pau ke
ngaue‘aki pe ‘o fakatatau ki he taumu‘a ‘oku fokotu‘u ‘i he Lao ni.

4. Kuo pau ke vahe‘i mo totongi atu ‘e he Minisita Pa‘anga, ‘a e ngaahi
pa‘anga, ‘o hange ko ia ‘oku fakaha ‘i he Lao ni, pea ke fakatatau foki
ki he pa‘anga fehu‘aki fakaangaanga ne felotoi ki ai ‘a e ‘ulu ‘o e ngaahi
Potungaue ‘oku nau tokanga‘i ‘enau ngaahi vouti pea mo e Minisita

5. Ko e mafai ke ngaue‘aki ‘a e pa‘anga, mo fakahoko ha ngaahi fakamole
pe ngaue ke totongi atu ki ai ha pa‘anga, ‘oku faka‘ata ‘i he Lao ni,
‘e ngata ‘i he ‘aho 30 ‘o Sune 2010.

Na‘e paasi ‘i Fale Alea ‘i he ‘aho 23 ni ‘o Sune 2009.

[23 ‘o Sune, 2009]