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South African Boxing Act

Published: 2001-08-17

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South African Boxing Act [No. 11 of 2001]
Government Gazette
Vol. 434 Cape Town 17 August 2001 No. 22526
No. 759 17 August 2001
It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act, which is hereby published for general information:–
No. 11 of 2001: South African Boxing Act, 2001

I !
[ 3 Words i n hold t y c in square brxkets indicate omissions from existing enactments. Words underlined with a solid line indicate insertions in existing enactments.
(English text signed by the Acting President. j (ilsset~ted to 14 Augusit 2001.)
ACT To provide for a new structure for professional boxing in the Republic; to ensure the effective and efficient administration of professional boxing in the Republic; to recognise amateur boxing; to create synergy between professional and amateur boxing; to establish a Boxing Commission known as Boxing SA; to promote interaction between associations of boxers, managers, promoters, trainers and officials and Boxing SA; and to provide for matters connected therewith.
B E IT ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, as fo1iows:- ARRANGEMENT OF ACT
1. Definitions
3. r )
2 .
4. _I 5 . 6 . 7 . 8. 9. 10. 1 1 . 12. 13. 14. 15. 1 6 . 17. 18. 19. 30.
Objects of Act Interpreration of Act
Establishment of Boxln? SA Independence of Boxing SA 10 Area of jurisdiction and office of Boxing SA Powers of Boxing SA Du!ies of Boxing SA Composition of Boxing SA Tenure of office. vacancies and remuneration of nicmhers of Boxing SA 15 Meetings and quorum Chief Executive Officer of Boxing SA Perfomlance a= creement Staff of Boxing SA Finances of Boxing SA 20 Contractual capacity of Boxing SA Delegation of pou,ers Tournaments to be authorised Boxers, officials. trainers. managers and promoters to be registered Prohibition of holding of or taking part in certain tournaments 7,s
71. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.
29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.
Tournaments ma) be stopped or forbidden Prohibition of receipt of compensation or benefits Firewall between promoters and managers Protection from exploitation Promotional rights under mandato y bo t contracts 5 Employment as condition of promoting Offences and penalties
Boxers‘, managers’, trainers’, promoters’ and officials’ right to freedom of association 10 Protection of boxers, managers, trainers, prumoters and officials Accreditation of legal firm, medical doctcr or auditor Procedures for resolution of disputes Burden of proof Application of Act 15 Pegulations Repeal and amendment of provisions of Act 39 of 1954, saving and transitional provisions Short title
Schedule 20
1. In this Act, unless the context indicates otherwise-
been issued in terms of section 7( l)(c); (i) “boxer” means any person to whom a certificate of registration as such has
(ii) “Boxing SA“ means the Boxing Commission contemplated in section 4; 25 (iii) “manager” means any person to whom a certificate of registration as such has
(iv) “Minister” means the Minister of Sport and Recreation; (v) “official” means any referee, judge, timekeeper. assistant timekeeper,
been issued in terms of section 7(l)(c);
announcer, second or ringmaster to whom a certificate of registration as such 30 has been issued in terms of section 7( l)(cj;
(vi) “prescribed” means prescribed by regulation made under section 34; (vii) “promoter“ means any person to whorn a certificate of registration as a
(viii) “tournament“ means any function to which the public have access, whether 35 promoter has been issued in terms of secrion 7( l)(cj;
on payment of a charge for admission or not. and at which two or more licensed professional boxers engage in boxing for gain, whether by way of competition. exhibition or otherwise: and
(ix) “trainer” means any person to whom a certificate of registration as such has heen issued in terms of section 7( l)(c). 40
Objects of Act
2. The objects of this Act are to- (a) give effect to the provisions of the Constitution; (hj regulate. control and exercise general supervision over professional boxing at 45
tournaments i n the Republic; ( c ) protect and regulate the interests and organisadonal rights of boxers, trainers,
managers. promoters, officials and other stakeholders involved in professional boxing matters;
( d ) promote- 50 (i) orderly collective action:
(ii) boxing in the Republic: and
iiii) the effective resolution of boxing disputes: eliminate undesirable practices and to maintain the highest level of efficiency i n boxing: prm'ide a framework within which boxers, boxing officials, trainers. managers. promoters and all other stake.holders in professional boxing must- S ( i ) collectively determine terms and conditions of their boxing relationship
( i i ) formulate a professional boxing policy; give effect to all the rights and obligations incurred in terms of this Act. and also those rights and obligations of a boxer as a member of an international 10 professional boxing body or organisation; provide for the registration and licensing of stakeholders in professional boxing and to ensure proper control an,d democratic practices in the process: provide for the resolution of boxing disputes through arbitration, appeal and independent alternative dispute resolution services accredited for that IS purpose: pro\.ide for marketing mechanisms ts3 promote professional and amateur boxing in general: provide for the establishment of an infrastructure to acquire boxing facilities for both professi nal and amateur boxmg: 20 provide for a working relationship between professional and amateur boxing structures; provide for the establishment of a joinl. committee consisting of professional and amateur boxing officials to consider an application from an amateur boxer who is in the national team of the South African National Amateur Boxing 25 Organisation or from any person who wants to become a professional boxer; recognise that boxing in the Republic consists of a professional and an amateur boxing wing: recognise that amateur boxing is governed by its own constitution: provide for matters of mutual interest to both professional and amateur 30 boxing; consider the recognition of all international boxing bodies or organisations and their boxing champions: provide for the participation and involvement of women in boxing; and provide for incidental matters. 35
and other matters of mutual or other interest: and
Interpretation of Act
3. This Act must be interpreted- (a ) to give effect to its objects: (b) in compliance with the rules and regulations of international boxing bodies or
CC) to apply to both male and female boxing. organisatlons governing professional a dmateur boxing: and 40
Establishment of Boxing SA
4. A Boxing Commission which is a juristic person known as Boxing SA is established. 4s
Independence of Roxing SA
5. Subject to this Act. Boxing SA is an independent body
Area of jurisdiction and office of Boxing S.4
6. ( I ) Subject to the ConstituUon, Boxing SA has jurisdiction in all the provinces of
(2'1 Boxing SA. i n consultation with the Minister. must determine the location of the the Republic. 50
head ofice for Eoxing SA.
.4rt No. 11. 2001 SOYTI-I AFRIC.45 BOZIhG .4CT. 7001
Powers OS Boxing SA
For purposes of attaining its objects. Boxing SA- may acquire. alienate or hire such property as it may consider necessary for the ffective performance of its functions but State-funded immovable property may not be alienated without the prior approval of the Minister: with the approval of the Minister, may invest or otherwise deal with such funds of Boxing SA as may not immediately be required for the purpose of meeting its financial obligations of which investments Boxing SA is fully responsible and accountable for; may issue certificates of registration to any person who is not a member of Boxing SA as a boxer, official, trainer, manager or promoter and, in each case. must specify in the certificate the period of validity of such certificate; may register a person referred to in paragraph ( c ) as a- (i) boxer or official. to take part in tournaments in the capacity in which he
or she has been so registered: (ii) trainer, to train any boxer with a view to his or her participation in
tournaments as a boxer; (iii) manager. to manage the affairs of any boxer subject to the provisions of
this Act in so far as they relate to his or her participation in tournaments as a boxer;
(ivj promoter, to negotiate, subject to the provisions of this Act, with any boxer with a view to procuring his or her services as a boxer at a tournament;
in the case where the licensee requires a different licence, may require him or her to relinquish the current licence; may test the ability of any person applying for a certificate of registration as a boxer, trainer or official under paragraph (e) as it deems fit: may require any person applying for a (Certificate of registration as- (i) a trainer;
(iij a promoter; or (iii) a manager, to furnish Boxing SA with such information as it may deem necessary; may suspend, cancel or renew any certificate issued under paragraph (c); may issue, subject to such conditions as it may deem fit. licences authorising the holding of tournaments; may require any applicant for a licence under paragraph (i) to furnish it with- (i)
all agreements entered into between the promoter of the tournament and the boxers and officials who will participate therein not later than 30 days prior to the date of the tournament; a certificate of physical and mental fitness, in respect of the boxers who will participate in the tournament, issued in such form and by such medical practitioner, whether practising in the Republic or elsewhere. as i t may approve, not later than 30 days prior to the date of the tournament; and full particulars of all arrangements made for the holding of the tournament not later than 30 days prior to the date of the tournament; a specimen of every proposed advertisement relacing to and of the proposed plogramme of the tournament and such further information as to enable it to amve at a proper decision on the application not later than 30 days prior to the date of :he tournament;
if an agreement between a promoter and a boxer provides for the payment of a fixed amount to a boxer as remuneration for his or her service ai any proposed tournament. may- (ij require the promoter to deposit that amount with it on or before any
specified date prior to the date of the tournament; and (ii) disburse the said amount. subjecl; to the provisions of paragraph (nz),
according to the terms of the agreement after the tournament has been held:
at any time prior t o the holdjng of an!' tou~:ament. may prohibit any boxer from partlcipating in the tournament if-- ( i ) after such examination or test for physical and mental fitness as it may
deeni fit. i t i x satisfied that the boxer should not be allowed to participate: or 5
( i i ) the boxer refuses to submit himself 01- herself to an examination or test: !nay, if any boxer taking part in any tournament is disqualified by the referee for- ( i ) not boxing to the best of his or her ability:
iii) retiring from the t urnament without sufficient cause: or 10 iiii) com~nitting a deliberate foul as prescribed, declare the whole or any portion of the amount payable to such boxer for his or her services in the tournament to be withheld pending further investigation and a hearing before a panel designated by Boxing SA; may provide for a grading system to enable amateur boxers who are 18 years 15 old or older to become professional boxers: may enforce any refusal. suspension or cancellation of the registration of any boxer, oficial or promoter; may issue a certificate of introduction to any registered boxer, official or promoter proceeding to any place outside the Republic to take part in 20 tournaments, in which case a ful l professional record of the boxer compiled by Boxing SA and a medical certificate showing the current medical status of the boxer must be attached to the said certificate: may set out in a certificate referred to in paragraph ( p ) such particulars concerning the boxer. official or promoter as Boxing SA deems necessary; 25 may procure the services of any boxer ordinarily resident outside the Republic to participate at tournaments in the Republic. subject to compliance with the Aliens Control Act, 1991 (Act No. 96 of 1991). and to the said boxer producing to Boxing SA on arrival in the Republic, a letter of authorisation from the controlling body by which he or she is licensed along with the full 30 current medical status and professional boxing record of that boxer: may establish an investment fund as well as an insurance and medical scheme to be used for such purposes as may be prescribed by regulation under this Act; ]nay take any steps which Boxing SA considers necessary or expedient for the 35 due and proper regulation or control of. or to enable i t to exercise due and proper supervision over, boxing at tournaments; at the request of an international boxing concrol body which Boxing SA recognises. may exercise or perform in any place outside the Republic any power or function that Boxing SA is capable of exercising or performing by 40 virtue of this Act: may require of any professional boxer taking part in a tournament in any place outside th2 Republic t u - (i) furnish Boxing S.4 with full details in writing of the purse money agreed
( i i ) disclose to Boxing SA such other information relating to the boxer's
( i i i J seek permission from Boxing SA i n writing to fight abroad:
to regarding the said tournament 30 days before the tournament: 45
participation in a tournament as Boxing SA may determine: and
Or.) may organlse the conducting of specialised programmes regarding the training of all persons involved in the sanctioning of tournaments; SO
(x-) may establish a development fund to develop both amateur and professional boxing; and
0 . l may estat~lish- i i ) a boxer's ratings committee consisting of no fewer than three indepen-
(iil an event sanctioning committee consisting of no fewer than four
iiii) such other committees as Boxing SA ma)' deem necessary.
dent members appoint d by Boxing SA: 5S
members appointed by Boxing SA: and
( 2 ) Boxing SA must gi\;e written reasons to any person whose rights have been ndversely affected b!, an) administrative action cf Boxing SA. on application by s x h 60
person. and must offer such a person the opportunity o f a hearing to show cause u.h! such action should nor have been taken.
Duties of' Boxing SA
S. For purposes of attaining its objects. Boxing SA must- (a) compile and publish information statistics and an annual report on its 5
(bj assist in the establishment of an association or federation of associations
( c ) ( i ) hold meetings at least four times a year; and
contemplated in section 28:
(ii) hold meetings at its request or a t the request of the associations or 10 federation of such associations contemplated in terms of section 28 to discuss boxing matters; and
(d) consider applications for ecognition of international boxing bodies or organisations and their boxing champions.
Composition of Boxing SA 15
9. (1 ) Boxing SA consists of no fewer than four and no more than seven members, of which one member must be appointed as Chairperson and the other members appointed based. among other things. on their expertise and knowledge of women's and amateur boxing, media and marketing related matters and development and transformation.
after consultation with the associations or federation of associations contemplated in section 28.
(3) A person who has been registered by Boxing SA as a boxer. official, trainer, manager or promoter may not be a member of Boxing SA unless such person in writing relinquishes his or her licence to Boxing SA. 25
( 2 ) The Minister must appoint the members of Boxing SA on a part-time basis 20
Tenure of office, vacancies and remuneration of members of Boxing SA
10. (1 ) The members of Boxing SA hold office for three years. ( 2 j Subject to subsection (3). the Minister may remove any member of Boxing SA
from office if- the member. directly or indirectly or through his or her spouse, partner or 30 business associate, has any financial interest in boxing unless he or she has disclosed such interests before being appointed as a member and has received the Minister's approval in writing to continue to hold such interests; the estate of the member is sequestrated; the member becomes of unsound mind: 35 the member is convicted of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine: the member has absented himself or herself from two consecutive meetings of Boxing SA without its leave: or the member does not perform the functions entrusted to him or her by or under 40 this Act satisfactorily.
(3) ( a ) I f the h4inister removes a member from office as contemplated in subsection ( 2 ) . the Minister may appoint another member.
ibj Such member must serve for the unexpired period of the term of office of the member removed under subsection (2). 45
(4) Whenever the office of any member of Boxing S.4 for any reason becomes vacant before the expiration of the period for which he or she has been appointed, another member must be appointed to fil l the vacancy until the expiration of the period for which the \,acating member was appointed.
Minister. (5) A member whose term of office has expired is eligible for reappointment by the 50
(6) The members of Boxing SA may out of the funds of Boxing SA be paid such- ( 0 ) annual honoraria in respect of their services: and lh ) allov,mces to cover expenses reasonabl!. incurred by them in respect of their
attendance of the meetings of Boxing S.4 or while otherwise engaged in the 55 business of Boxing SA,
as the Minister ma). determine i n consultation with the X'linister of Finance.
Rleetings and quorum
11. ( 1 ) Subject to subsection ( 2 ) and section 8(c) all meetings of Boxing S.4 must be
(2) The Chairperson of Boxing SA may at any time. and must at the request of the held at such times and places as Boxing SA may determine.
majorit), of members of Boxing SA. call a special meeting of Boxing SA to be held at 5 such time and place as he or she may direct.
(3) In the absence of the Chairperson from any meeting of Boxing SA. the members present at that meeting must from their number elect a member to preside at that particular meeting.
(4) The quorum for any meeting of Boxing SA must be fifty per cent of the total 10 members of the Commission plus one.
( 5 ) All decisions at any meeting of Boxing SA are by resolution of the majority of the members present at the meeting. and in the event of an equality of votes on any matter. the person presiding at the meeting has a casting vote in addition to his or her deliberative vote. 15
(6) The proceedings of Boxing SA are not invalid only by reason of the fact that a vacancy exists on Boxing SA.
(7) Boxing SA may hold meetings with associations or a federation of associations contemplated in section 28 at such places and times as Boxing SA. in conjunction with the particular association or federation of associations, may find suitable. but must hold 20 a meeting with such associations or federation and associations at least once per year.
(8) The quorum for any meeting contemplated in subsection (7) must be fifty per cent of the total members of Boxing SA and fifty per cent of the total members of the associations attending the meeting or federation of associations, as the case may be; plus one. 25
(9) Boxing SA may make decisions on boxing matters by a resolution of the majority of the members attending a joint meeting referred to in subsection (7).
Chief Executive Officer of Boxing SA
12. (1 ) Boxing SA must, in consultation with the Minister and the Minister of Finance. appoint as a Chief Executive Officer of Boxing SA a person who- 30
( a ) is skilled and experienced in sport: (b) has not been convicted of any offence involving dishonesty: and (c) has sufficient management experience.
( a ) perform all the functions that are- ( 2 ) The Chief Executive Officer must-
( i ) conferred on him or her in terms of this Act; and (iij delegated to him or her by Boxing SA:
ih) manage and direct the activities of Boxing SA; I C ) supervise the staff of Boxing SA: ((1) handle international boxing matters in consultation with the Chairperson of 40
( e ) ensure that there is development, marketing and transformation of boxing in
( 3 ) Boxing SA must. Lvith the approval of the Minister and the Minister of Finance.
Boxing SA: and
the Republic.
de ten ine the ChieiExecutive Officer's conditions of service: remuneration. alloa~ances 45 and any other matters related thereto.
(4j The Chief Executi1.e Officer- !a) subject t o the Public Finance Management Act, 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999), is
charged with the responsibility of accounting for money received from M.hatever source or paid out b), or on account of Boxing SA: 50
(0) must cause the necessary accounting and other related records to be kept: and (c) must perfonn the duties assigned to him or her from time to time by Boxing
S,4 and is. i n respect thereof. accountable to Boxing SA.
Performance agreement
13. The Chief l$xecuti\.e Oflicer contemplaled in section 12. must enter into a 55 performance agreement M.ith the Minister and Boxing SA. respectively.
Staff of Boxing SA
14. ( I ) The Chief ExecutiIe Officer may appoint staff of Boxing SA after consulting with Boxing SA.
( 2 ) Boxing SA must. with the approbal of the Minister and the Minister of Finance. determine the remuneration and any other terms, and conditions of senpice of staff 5 members in consultation with the Minister. but such ternx and conditions must be in line with those of official5 in the public service.
Finances of Boxing SA
15. ( 1 ) The funds of Boxing SA consist of- (a) money appropriated by Parliament; 10 (0) fees payable to Boxing SA in terms of this Act: (c) grants, donations and bequests made to ]Boxing SA; (d) income earned on the surplus money deposited or invested by Boxing SA; and ( e ) money generated from sponsorships and fundraising.
(2) The financial year of Boxing SA begins on 1 April of each year and ends on 31 15 hlarch of the following year, except for the first financial year which begins on the commencement date of this Act and ends on 3 1 March following immediately thereafter.
(3) The Chief Executive Officer must as soon as possible but not later than five months after the end of the financial year submit audited financial statements to the Minister for tabling in Parliament. 20
(4) (a) The Chief Executive Off?cer must keep proper records of all- (i) money received or expended by it;
(ii) its assets and liabilities; and (iii) financial transactions entered into by it.
(0) The Chief Executive Officer must, as soon as possible but not later than two 25 months after the end of each financial year. prepare statements of account and a balance sheet showing, with all appropriate particulars. the moneys received and the expenditure incurred by it during, and its assets and liabilities as at the end of, that financial year.
( 5 ) The financial statements referred to in subsection (4) must include funds received and held in trust by Boxing SA or expenditure thereof. 30
( 6 ) The financial statements contemplated in subsection (5) must be audited by the Auditor-General.
Contractual capacity of Boxing SA
16. ( 1 ) Boxing SA may- (a) enter into an agreement with any person. body or organisation or any 3.5
accredited agency of Boxing SA as contemplated in section 30. to perform any function OS Boxing SA on such terms and conditions as Boxing SA may determine subject to obtaining the approval of the Minister if the agreement exceeds an amount as determined by him or her from time to time; and
( b ) perform any of its functions in associaiion with any other person. body or 40 organisation.
(2) ,4ny person. body or organisation M.ith m;hom Boring SA enters into an agreement must be independent of Boxing S.4.
Delegation of powers
17. ( 1 ) Boxing SA ma)', subject o the provisions of subsection (21, delegate in wrhing 45 any of its powers to--
( a ) any member of Boxing SA: (b) the Chief Executive Officer; or ( c ) an! committee established by Boxing S24.
(a ) appoint the Chief Executi1.e Oflicer; (11) deposit or :nvest surplus money \s.ith financial institutions:
( 3 ) Boxing SA may no! delegate the power to-- 50
( c j accredit I c y 1 fir-lnc, 01- auditors pL\ N ell a < to amend. withdraw or renev' their
( d i entej- intcl a r agreement \\,ith an accredited legal firm or accredited auditor
( e ) appoint medical practitioners: or 5 (,Ti issue licences.
under section 16:
( 3 ) Boking S,4 ma! attach such condition5 to a delegation as i t may deem necessury. 13) (cii Boxing SA may amend or re\-oke a delegation at any time after duly notifying
the concerned parties in writing of its intention t o amend or revoke such a delegation. (0) The affected pany must be @\en an opponunity to state its case regarding the 10
intention of Boxing SA to amend or revoke a delegation. (5) A power delegated to the Chief Executive Officer may be exercised by any staff
member of Boxing SA if authorised bq the Chief Ixecutiv-e Officer in writing. unless the t s r~ns of the delega1ion to the Chief Executive Officer prohibits him or her from doing SO. 1s
Tournaments to be authorised
18. A person may not hold or assist in holding any tournament unless a licence to hold such tournament has been issued to him or her by Boxing SA.
Boxers, officials. trainers, managers and promoters to be registered
19. A person may not- 20 (a ) take part i n any tournament as a boxer or official; (17 ) train any boxer with a \:iew to his or her participation in any tournament: (c) manage the affairs of any boxer in so far as they relate to his or her
( d l negotiate with any boxer with a view to procuring his or her services as a 25 participation in tournaments as a boxer: or
boxer at a tournament, unless the person is in possession of a valid certificate of registration as a boxer. official. trainer, manager or promoter. as the case may be, issued to him or her by Boxing SA under section 7(1)(cj.
Prohibition of' holding of or taking part in certain tournaments 30
20. A person may not hold or take part in a tournament. or in any way assist in the holding of such tournament. i n which any person who is not registered in terms of this Act takes part.
Tournaments ma?; be stopped or forbidden
21. ( 1 ) If a tournament has heen authorised by Eloxing SA and scheduled to take place 35 on a specific date. the pr-omoter of such tournament must-
(a) notif!, a member of the South African Police Service of the rank of captain or higher at the police station nearest to the venue of the tournament of the date and time of the toumament: and
(11) bring to the attention of such a member of the South African Police Ser\,ice 40 an! pos~ible grounds for disruption at thG said tournamevt.
( 2 ) The Kational Commisioner or any provincial commissione1- of the South African Police Ser\.ice o r an)' member of such Serl-ice to whom the National Commissioner or a pro\gincial commi~sioner has delesated his or her powers. or any magistrate. addi~ional n:qistrate 01- assistan: mqistrate who is of the opinion that a tournament beins held or 45 about to be held should ii; :he public interest be stopped or forbidden. must convey or cause t o be ccn\,eyed to the person holding or prOposipg to hold such tournament or to thr participantc ;I notice. \- to the dispute may, in writing. refer the dispute to Boxing SA.
of the referral has been served on all the other parties to the dispute.
regard and may make such order as to costs as i t deems fit.
Boxing SA. any part); may refer th matt r for arbitration. 35
Burden of proof
32. In any proceedings under this Act. other than in criminal proceedings. the burden of proof is on a balance of probabilities. and must be discharged by the applicant or complainant.
Application of Act
33. In !he even1 of any conflict arising between this Act and any law in force iinmediately prior t o the date on which this Act takes eifec-t. other than the Constitution and the Public Finance hlanagement Act. 1999 (Act No. 1 of 1999). the provisions of this Act prz\ ail.
34. ( 1 ) The Minister may, after consultation nith Boxing S A . make regulations with regard to-
the msnner and form in which any application under this Act must be made: the nature o f the particulars to be furnished u.ith any application under this Act: the form of an!' licence. certificate or other document to be used for purposes of this Act: 5 the fees pa! able tc Boxing S.4 in respect of the grant. issue or renewal of any licence. certificate 01- other similar document, under this Act; the pou'ers and duties of officials during tournaments; requirements for the registration of any person as a boxer. official. trainer, manager or promoter: 10 the rules under which and the manner in which any tournament must be organised: the manner in which participants must be attired and, in the case of boxers. the nature. weight and quality of gloves and bandages to be used: the weighing of participant's prior t o any tournament, the testing of the I5 physical and mental fitness and the medical examination of participants prior to and during any tournament: the rating of boxers and the sanctioning of fights between boxers: the circumstances under which any specified class of persons are prohibited from attending or taking part in tournaments generally or any specified kind of 20 tournament: the submission to Boxing SA by the promoter of a tournament of a statement showing the expenditure incurred in connection with and the income derived from such tournament: the management of a benevolent fund and the purpose for which such fund 25 may be used: the compensation of Boxing SA members and officials; the licensing and training standards for trainers, managers. promoters. referees. judges or timekeepers: matters regarding the contracts between boxers and managers, and boxers and 30 promoters.
and, generally. with regard to any matter that i n terms of this Act must be prescribed or any matter that the Minister considers it necessary or cxpedient to prescribe in order to achie\,e the objects of this Act.
Repeal and amendment of provisions of Act 39 of 1954, saving and transitional 35 provisions
35. ( I ) Subject to this section. the provisions of the Boxing and Wrestling Control Act. 1954 (Act No. 39 of 1954). mentioned in the third column of the Schedule are repealed or amended as indicated in that column of the Schedule.
of the Boxin: and Wrestling Control Act, 1954 (Act No. 39 of 1954). must, unless inconsistent u,ith this Act. be regarded as having been made or granted under the corresponding prolaision of this Act, and remain:, :n force until withdrawn or repealed.
(3) An!. registration or remoi a1 from a register or any other thing done in terms of a repe~led pro\ ision of the Boxing and Wrestling Control Act. 1954 (Act No. 39 of 1954). 45 must be regarded 2s ha\.ing been dor-,z under thims Act.
(4) i~,! Thc South African National Boxing (Control Commission contemplated in section 2 of the Srlxing and Wrestling Con:rol Act. 15154 (Act No. 39 of 1953). ceases to exist on t h e day immediately ?receding the date of the first meetin: of Boxing SA.
African National Boxin? Control Commission inlmediateiy vest i n Boxing SA and Boxing SA muht be regarded as having acquired or incurred such rights. obligations. ascets and liahilitits i n telms of this Act.
(2) ,4ny regulation or authorisation made or granted in terms of a repealed provision 40
( b ) .411 rightb. obligations. assets and liabilities acquired or incurred by the South 50
Short title
36. The Act is cxlled the South African Boxing Act. 2001. and comes into operation 55 on a date to hc fixed b! thr Presidcnt by proclarnation i n the Go:e:rr.
(Section 35)
Number and >.ear of Law
k t . No. 39 of 1953
Short title
?axing and Wrestling hntrol .4ct, 1954
Extent of repeal or amendment
9 ) Amendment of section 1- (i) by the substitution for the
definition of “commis- sion“ of the followjng definition: ‘‘ ‘commission’ means Boxing SA established b section 4 of the South A? rican Boxing Act. 2001:“; and
(ii) by the deletion of the defi- nitions of “official”, “promoter” and “tourna- ment”.
b) Repeal of sections 2, 3, 4. 5. 6 and 7.
c ) Amendment of section 8 by the substitution for the expression “this Act’‘ of the expression “the South African Boxing Act, 2001,”.
d) Repeal of sections 9(l)(a) to (m) and (2), 10 and 11.
e ) Amendment of section 13 by the substitution for subsection (5) of the following subsection:
“ ( 5 ) Any person registered in terms of section 7(c) South African Boxing Act. 2001, may not be a member of a provincial commission.”.
f) Amendment of section 14 by the substitution for the words preceding the proviso of the following words: “The Drovisions of sections 5
came into force, shall nzutaris mutandis apply to a provincial commission”.
g) Amendment of section 18 by- (i) the substitution in subsec-
tion ( 2 , for the proviso of the following proviso:
*‘: Provided that the Minister may at any time remove from his or he1 office any member of a local commission an tht. grounds specified in the proviso to [sub-section (1) of section $five] sectior
1 i
T Extent of repeal or amendment +
( i i ) the substitution for suh- section (3) of the follo\s- ins subsection:
" ( 3 ) [Sub-section (2) of section $lw] Section 5 0 ) as it was in force immediately before the South African Boxing Act, 2001. came into - force shall mutaris murandis apply to a local commission.".
.. -
' h i Repeal of sections 20. 2 1. 2 I A. 21R. 22 and 23.