Defence Amendment Act

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Published: 2010-12-09

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Defence Amendment Act 22 of 2010
Please note that most Acts are published in English and another South African official language. Currently we only have capacity to publish the English versions.
This means that this document will only contain even numbered pages as the other language is printed on uneven numbered pages.

Government Gazette

Vol. 546 Cape Town 9 December 2010 No. 33866
THE PRESIDENCY No. 1183 9 December 2010
It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act, which is hereby published for general information:–
No. 22 of 2010: Defence Amendment Act, 2010.

2 No. 33866
Act No. 22 of 2010
1 Words in bold type in square hrackets indicate omissions from existing enactments.
Words underlined wilh a solid line indicate insertions in existing enactments.
(EnRlish text signed by the President.) (Assented to 7 December 20/0.)
ACT To amend the Defence Act. 2002. so as to state who comprises the Military Command of the South African National Defence Force Hnd to further regulate the appointment of it~ members; to require members of' the Reserve }~orce contem- plated in section 53(1) to enter into a contract of service with the DefenL'C Force; to require members of the Reserve F'orce to comply with 8 ca.1I-up order tn report for duty; and to establish the I>efence .Force Service Commission which is to make recommendations to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans concerning conditions of' service of members of the Defence Forl.'e; Hnd to provide for matters connected therewith.
BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, asfollows:- Amendment of section 1 of Act 42 of 2002
1. Section 1of the Defence Act, 2002 (Act No. 42 of 2002) (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act), is hereby arnended- 5
(a) by the msel1ion in subsection (I) after the definition of "Code" of the following definition:
., ~conditions of service' indmlc:s conditions relating to-- (a) recmilment procedures and a vertising :md selection criteria; (b) appointment and appointment processes; 10 (c) job classification and grading; (d) salaries, allowances and service benefits; (e) job assignments; (j) working environment and facilities: (g) education, training and development; 15 (11) perfonnunce evaluation syslems; (i) promotIOn; (j) transfers; (k) demotion; (l) disciplinary measures other than dismissals; 20 (m) grievance and grievance procedures; (fl) dismissal;
4 No, 33866
Ad No. 22 of 2010