Kingston Sailors' Home Act

Published: 1879-10-01

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1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Establishment and objects of the Home.
4. Governing body of the Home, a body corporate.
5. Constitution of the Board of Directors.
6. Annual meeting of subscribers, and annual report.
7. Power of the Board to acquire and deal with property.
8. Annual grants in aid.
9. Superintendent and other officers of the Home.

10. Power to make rules.
11. Power to deal with destitute inmates of Home.
12. Deserters from the Home, and power to arrest and punish them.

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Cap. 201.

42 of 1969
3rd Sch.


[ist October, 1879.1

1. This Act may be cited as the Kingston Sailors’ Home Short title.

“Home” means the Kingston Sailors’ Home in this Act tion’

“sailor” means any man who has served in any capacity
at sea, and includes any person who is admitted to
the Home as a sailor;

“subscriber” means any person who has contributed a
donation of not less than forty ddlars to the Home,
or who has duly paid an annual subscription of not
less than two dollars to the Home, at the time and in
the manner prescribed by rules to be made by the

“subscriptions” includes donations, gifts and collections, by
corporations or private individuals.

2. In this Act- Interprela-

3. There shall be established an institution, to be called Establish-

temporary board and lodging, upon reasonable terms and the Home.
under proper supervision, for sailors out of employment.

4. The Home shall be under the control and management Governing

the Kingston Sailors’ Home, for the purpose of providing ment o b i e f ~ o f and

of a governing body, hereinafter referred to as “the bheHome, ody f
a body
corporait. Board.”

The Board shall be a body corporate by the name of “the
Board of Directors of the Kingston Sailors’ Home,” and
by that name shall have a common seal, and may sue and be
sued, and may acquire, hold and dispose of lands and other
property for the purposes of the Home.

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the Board

of Directors.

5. The Board shall consist of the Custos of Kingston, the
Collector of Customs and the Harbour Master respectively
of Kingston for the time being, and of four members who
shall be from time to time appointed by the Minister on the
recommendation of the subscribers to the Home.

The Custos of Kingston shall be the Chairman of the

Three members of the Board shall form a quorum.

The Board shall once in each year summon a meeting of
the subscribers to the Home to be held at the Home.

The subscribers to the Home personally present at such
meeting may nominate four persons for appointment to the
Board, and any such nomination agreed upon by a majority
of members present shall be transmitted by the Chairman
of the Board to the Minister, and shall be the recommenda-
tion mentioned in this section.

If no nomination is made at such meeting the members
of the Board previously appointed by the Minister shall
remain in office.

If any vacancy occurs upon the Board the Minister may
appoint some fit person to fill the vacancy pending a recom-
mendation of the subscribers to the Home.

No act or proceeding of the Board shall be questioned on
account of any vacancy upon the Board.

tion of

Annual 6. The Board shall prepare and lay before the annual
subscribers, meeting of the subscribers to the Home a report of its pro-
and ceedings for the preceding year, including a complete state-
report. ment of its financial position and of its accounts duly

audited, and such report shall be transmitted to the
Minister, and shall be published in the Gazette.

meeting of


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7. The Board may acquire property, and may regulate, Power of
deal with and dispose of, any property under its control, in to acquire
such manner as it may deem conducive to the purposes of $:2d

the Board

the Home. property.

8. There shall be placed on the estimates of public expen- Annua!
grants In diture in each year, to be laid before the House of Represen- and.

tatives, a proposal for a grant to be appropriated to the
purposes of the Home, of a sum equal to double the total
amount of subscriptions paid to the Home during the
preceding year, or such less sum as the Minister may think
necessary or desirable for the carrying on of the Home in a
proper and efficient manner.

9. The Board may from time to time appoint, or remove Superinten-
dent and a fit person to be the Superintendent of the Home, and may other

allow him reasonable remuneration out of the funds at its ~~~~~
disposal, and may delegate to such person so much of its Home.
authority for the management of the Home as it thinks fit,
but the Superintendent shall not have power to make rules.

The Board may also in like manner appoint and remove
and remunerate such officers and other persons as it may
deem expedient for the purposes of the Home.

10. The Board may from time to time make rules for the powerto
make rules. conduct of its business, and for regulating the holding and

manner of conducting the annual meeting of subscribers,
and the conduct of business thereat, and the time and man-
ner of paying subscriptions, and for the government and
management of the Home, and of the officers and inmates
thereof, and for regulating the terms of admission to the
Home, and for establishing penalties for the violation of
such rules, not to exceed ten dollars to be recoverable, in
default of payment, on summary conviction :

Provided that all rules enforceable by penalties under
this section shall be subject to the approval of the Minister.

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11. When an inmate of the Home is destitute, and likely
to become a permanent burden to the Home, it shall be
lawful for the Board in its discretion to send him to his
native country at the expense of the Home.

12. Every sailor who being indebted to the Home absents
himself therefrom for upwards of twelve hours without the
leave of the Superintendent, or for one hour after leave has
expired, shall be deemed to be a deserter from the Home,
and shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding four dollars.

Every deserter may be apprehended at any place within
this Island without warrant, either by the Superintendent
or by any constable.

Any Superintendent of the Home arresting or causing to
be arrested any person under this section on improper or
insufficient grounds shall be liable to a penalty not exceed-
ing ten dollars.

Any person who knowingly harbours a deserter, or who
assists or induces any sailor to desert from the Home, shall
be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty dollars.

Penalties under this section shall be recoverable on sum-
mary conviction.

Power to
deal with
inmates of
3rd Sch.

the Home,
and power
to arrest
and punish

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