Jury Act

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(under secfion 52)


(Made by the Minisler on the 31st day of March, 1981) L.N. 49/81

I. These Regulations may be cited as the Jury List Regulations. 1981.

2,--(I) Tht list required pursuant to section 7 of the Act shall be
in two forms, one to be called the prescribed list which shall be in the
form prescribed in paragraph (I) of regulation 3 and contain the
particulars specified in that paragraph and the other to be called the
parish list which shall be in the form prescribed in paragraph (2) of
regulation 3 and contain the particulars specified in that paragraph.

(2) Any variation from such forms in any respect, not being a
matter of substance, shall not d e c t the validity of the list.

(3) The Chief Electoral Officer shall, for the purposes of section
7 of the Act, forward to the Chief Officer of Police in each parish, at
least two copies of the prescribed list and at least one copy of the
parish list.

3.-41) The prescribed list shall have its pages numbered consecutively
and shall contain the following particulars-

(a) the name of the parish and the calendar year to which tho
list relates, under the following headings, that is to say-

(b) the christian name and surname (listed in alphabetical order
according to surname and numbered consecutively), the
address, occupation and electoral registration number of each
person whose name is required to be included in the list
pursuant to section 7 of the Act.

me inclusion of Ibis page u aulhorizcd by L.N. 54/2M)0]


(2) The parish list shall be divided into sections representing
th3 polling divisions of the constituencies within the parish and each
such section-

(a) shall be headed with a description of the boundaries of the
polling division to which that section relates; and

(b) shall contain, in such order as may be determined by the
Chief Electoral Officer, the particulars mentioned in sub-
paragraph (b) of paragraph (1) in relation to the persons
referred to in that sub-paragragh.

(3) For the purposes of this regulation "calendar year" means
the year commencing on the first day of January next following the
year in which the list is forwarded.

4. During the continuance in force of the Representation of the
People (Interim Electoral Reform) Act. any reference in these Regula-
tions to the Chief Electoral Officer shall be construed as a reference
to the Director of Elections appointed under that Act.

me inclusion of th is paw in authorized by L.N. 54/20001