Jamaica Gazette Act

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(under sections 3 and 4 )

(Made by the Minister on the 16th day of May, 1967) L.N. 116167
Amd: . .
L.N. i45168

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Gazette Regulations, 1967.

2 The following fees shall be payable for the publication in the
Gazette of the notices, matters or things specified in the Schedule. schedub.

$1.50 for each quartea column
$2.00 " " one-third column
$3.00 " " half 9,
$4.00 " " two-thirds "
$6.00 " " threequarters column
$8.00 " " full column

3, With effect from the 19th day of May, 1967-
(a) the fees specified in regulation 2 shall be payable for the

publication in the Gazette of printed matter accompanying
wood blocks or elechro-types, or both wood blocks and electro-
types in connection with the advertisement of applications for
the registration of trade marks under the Trade Marks Act
exclusive of any printed matter included within the four
corners of the block or electro-type and impressed thereon;

(b) the following fees shall be payable for the insertion in the
Gazette of representations of trade marks by means of wood
blocks or electro-types, or both wood blocks and electro-types
inclusive of any printed matter within the four corners of the
block or electro-type and impressed thereon in advertisements
of applications for the registration of such trade marks under
the provisions of the Trade Marks Act-

(i) in cases where the wood block or electro-type of the
trade mark does not exceed three inches in breadth or
depth . . . ... ... $1.50

idusbn of tbb p a s k aulboriztd by L.N. 411974


(ii) for each inch or fraction of an inch, in excess of three
inches, in breadth or depth . .. ... $0.60

4. The annual subscription of the Gazette shall be $3.00 for local
subscribers and $4.00 for foreign subscribars in each case, postage free.

5. The price of the Gazette, Gazette Extraordinary and Gazette
Supplements shall be 8c per copy.

6. The price of Gazette Supplements containing Acts shall be 15c
per copy.

7. No fee shall be payable on notices under section 110 of the
Judicature (Resident Magistrates) Act.

SCABWLB (Regulation 2)

1. Judicial notices of every kind, arising out of civil s&b.
2. Notices and papers in connection with the following trusts, bodies, or

(a) trusts, endowments, etc.;
(b) notices or returns by commercial concerns, banks, warehouses, etc.;
(c) application and notices undtr the Electric Lighting Act and regu-

(d) advertisements under the Patent Act;
(e) .transfers of business.

3. Bankruptcy notices and orders: PROWBD that in the caw of Absolute
Ordv on a debtor's petition, the f tc ahsll be paid out of the net we t s of the
estate, udem the Clerk of the Courts certiljea on his quarterly return that there
are no available 888ets.

4. Administration: Notices in respect of estatw administered in the Supreme
Court of Judicature.

h c d h of thL pgc ia authorized by L.N. 4119761 -