Jamaica Export Free Zones Act

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(under section 3)

The Jamaica Export Free Zones (Montego Bay Export Free Zone) Order, L.N. 69/86
1986 (Replaced by L.N. 155El96)

Similar Orders made in respect of-

Clarendon (Hayes) Export Free Zone L.N. 177(3/87

Jamaica Tobacco Mdnufacturing Export Free Zone L.N. 147~19s

ISADRA Export Free Zone
L.N. 147Y95

Cifuentes y Cia Export Free Zone L.N. 6001%

Oxford Industrial Export Free Zone
Jockey International Export Free Zone

Kingston Transshipment Port Export Free Zone
Garmex Free Zone

Jamaica Communicatiorn Limited

L.N. 193B/%
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L.N. 44Dl98

L.N. 84/98

Portmore Informatics Park Free Zone L.N. S~/ZOOO
TouchPoint Centers lnternational Jamaica Limited Export L.N. 119F/2002

Free Zone
Lanco Industries Limited L.N. 163.412006

Petrojam Ethanol Limited L.N. 1 9 9 ~ ~ 0 0 6

[Note: The Kingston Export Free Zone Area-See Second
Schedule to Act]

The Jamaica Export Free Zones (Hope Estate Hi-Tech Office Park) L.N 40m1

Order, 1991

Similar Orders made in respect of-

HV Services (Jamaica) Limited
Trans-Global Aquaculture Limited
Walkerswood Caribbean Fooh Limited

L.N. 73CD000

L N. 162812000

L.N. 192M2M)I

(under section 19)

The Jamaica Export Free Zones (Movement of Goods)(Specified Product) L.N. 34/85

Regulations, 1985
The Jamaica Export Free Zones (Movement of Goods)(Restriction) L N 103M94

Regulations, 1994

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(under section 20)

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the aforementioned Lota M72, M73, M74 and M75, @hence southerly along the
common boundary between lands registered d Volume 1057 Folio 133 .and W
of Bogue Estate registered at Volume 344 Folio 46 to interseot the h& water
mark of the Caribbean Sea in h e vidnity of Reading Ha~bow, thence westerly
along the mid high water mark to a pant on the common bombry babween
lands registed at Volume 1057 Folio 133 and Vblume 1057 Folio 134 and
known as of Montego Freeport, thence generally north-westm1'y a d norChdy
along the high water mark on lands registered at Volume 1057 Folio 134 to the
point where id meeta the remainder of the mid lands regietad at Volume 1057
Folio 134 and represented on plan W n g Survey Department Examination
Number 100512. &mce eastarly along (he southern boundary of lands roprebented
on the last-anentionad plan to intersedt &e western boundary of L e resewed
road known as Coawa Drive; theme genemlly southerly, easterly and noxthedy
along the western, southern and astern boundary of Camnut Drive to a point
common with tihe aforementioned Lob M72 60 M75. Lmce easterly along @he
cmnnkm boundary between L e mid L.cq M72 to M75 and lands mgistend at
Volume 1057 Folio 133 to the starting pomt.


Cornmencine a a point on the common boundary of dan& re#errd at
Volume 1057 Folio 133 and Volume 1219 Folio 753, bchg approximately two
hundred and sixty feet south of the junction of the said common boundary with
the soutqern boundary of Alice Eldermire Drive, thence proceeding in an
caster!^ &redon along the northem boundary for approxhdcl eight hundred
and e~ghty feet, thence in a southerly d i d o n for appm-6 one thowad
rhree hundred feet, thence in a westerly direction for lupproximately five hundmi
and fifty feet to a point on the aforementionsd common boundary, thence in a
noflherl diredim along the said common boundary bar appximabcly one
t h o m i three hundred and feet b . ~ to the stuting *t.

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(Matte by the MinIsier on the 4th day of April, 1991) L.N. 401191

1. Thin Order may be cited as the Jamaica Export Free Zosles (Hope
Estate Hi-Tech Oftice Park) Order, 1991.

2. The area dadbed in the Schedule shall corntilute and be known scbeaula.
as the Hope Estate Hi-Tech Office Park.

scimrnB Paragraph 2)
Area of the Hope Estate Hi-Tech Ofice Pmk

Th. fokkwing shall be the area of the Hope Estate Hi-Tech OtEe paait-
Commencing at the south eastern coma of the Eommon boun between

the parcel represcntsd on sum dan Ex. 207933 and the remain 4 r ob bhe
urn property registered at d M POI. 11 .ad (be intersection i t b the
property road leading from Old Hope Road to Gordon Town main mad
m d bang a poiat appoxfinatdy &e hundred and fortyaerrea and onehaK
feet from the northern b d a r y of a d Hope Road m d proasdiap in a
generally north easterly direction along the common boundary of the a i d
propsty and t& property road for a distance of approximately four hundred
and sixty-four and onehalf feet to a point at the intmwction of h northan
boundary of the parcel represented by plan Ex. 207933 end the pmprty mad.
Tben in the name generally north easterly &iredm along tbe ramt eastern
boundary of tfie property mad for a distance. of approxhatdy & hundred
and rmnty-four feet to a point at @he north western boundary of the propaty.
Then proceeding in a further north estcrly direction along the wuthan
boundary of the said property road for a distance of approximately two
hundred am3 ammty feet to a pdnt at the intenscdan of the
seated b plan Br 220060 and the remainder of lands rq$td%%o=
Fol. 2 &I p d g in a generally loutherly &&on for a diataace of
approximately three hW and sixty feet buttiug easterly on tan& registered
at Vol. W Pol. 2 in the name of the Commissioner of Lands and westerly on
the said lands. Then pmeeding in a generally south weasly direction for
a diataaa of approximately four h u n M and thirty-five feet buttin westerly
on the saM lands and easterly on lands d a t e r e d at V d 94 FJ. 2 then
further ~0~1th westerly for a distana of one hundred m d ttdrty-two f a t
appaoximatdy to a point at the common boundaries of p a r d s repmeatad
by plans Ex. 207933 and Ex. 220060 and butten and bounding e a a t ~ l y qn
laads at Vol. 94 Fd. 2 and westerly on the wd I d s . Thea prolc4edmg m
a gsnerany wuth westedy direction for a distance d approximatelv four
hundred and rixty-four fast to a point at the south eastem oorner of the

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pro erty and butting and bounding easterly on the remainder of lands at
V O ~ 940 Fol. 192 in the name of the Commissioner of Lands and westerly
by the said property then in a generally north westerly direction butting and
bounding northerly on the mid property and southerly on lands at Vol. 940
Fol. 1% for a distance of approximately two hundred and fifty-one feet to the
starting point, comprising approximately eight and four-tenths acres more or
less or howsoever otherwise the same may be butted, bounded or desoribed.

- -

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(under section 19)

(Mode by the Authority and approved by the Minister L.N. 34/85
on the 18th day oj February, 1985.)

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Jamaica Ekprt Free Zones
(Movement of Goods) (Specified Product) Regulations. 1985.

2. In theae Respirations "spacifiad produd" shall have the same
meaning assigned to those words in the Trade (Certificate of Jamaican LN.. W.AIU
Origin) Regulations, 1984, or as they may be amended from time to (Om~tccd)


3.41) The Trade (Certificate of Jamaican Origin) Regulations. 1984
shall apply to any qccifiad product being exported from a Free Zone
to any territory other than to a customs temtory and, in any such case.
no specified product shall be exported unless the product has been
iasucd with a certificate of origin or has been exempted m accordance
with those Regulations.

(2) Every approved enterprise which contravenes the provisions
of this replation and every dinctor. manager, agent and o h r of that
approved enteqrise who is knowingly a party to that contravention
sha.ll be guilty of an o&nce and, on summary conviction therwf in a
Resident Magistrate's Court, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding
five th-d dollars, or, in default of payment, to imprisonment for
a term not excaeding twelve months.



(under section 19)

(Made by the Port Authority with the approval o f the Minister L.N. 1 0 3 ~ ~ 4
on the 26th day of October, I994)

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Jamaica Export Free
Zones (Movement of G d s ) (Restriction) Regulations, 1994.

2. In these Regulations-

"bank" means a banking institution duly licensed under the
Banking Act;

"Chairman" means the chairman of the Board of the relevant
Free Zone Company or in his absence, the Chairman of the
Port Authority;

"Free Zone Company" means the company operating a Free

"goods" includes raw materials, capital goods and components.

3.-41) An approvtd enterprise shall not remove or cause to be
removed capital goods from a Free Zone except with the prior approval
of the Chairman.

(2) An application for approval under this regulation must be
in writing and state-

(a) the description of and quantity of goods to be removed;

(b) the value of the goods;
(c) the proposed destination of the goods.

(3) The Chairman may not approve an application for removal
if he is satisfied that the removal-

(a) is for the purpose of exportation-
(i) other than to the customs territory; or

We inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 4119971


(ii) to the customs territory for disposal by sale, transfer
or otherwise; and

(b) is financially prejudicial to the relevan,t Free Zune Company
having regard to any debt due to the company from the
approved enterprise.

4. The Chaiman-

(a) shall deliver his decision in writing within fourteen (14) days
of an application and the applicant approved enterprise shall
forthwith be notified in writing thereof; and

(b) may as a condition of approval require that-

(i) a bond be entered into between the Free Zone Com-
pany and the directors of the approved enterprise; or

(ii) the directors obtain a guarantee from a bank, as
security for the payment of any debt due to the Free
Zone Company from the approved enterprise.

5.-41) An applicant approved enterprise that is aggrieved by a de-
cision under regulation 4 may appeal, in writing to the Minister within
thirty (30) days of the decision. -

(2) The Minister shall review the Chairman's decision in such
manner as he considers fit, and shall deliver his decision in writing
within thirty (30) days after receipt of the appeal.

(3) Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Minister may
appeal to the Court of Appeal which shall make such order as it
thinks fit.

- 6. An approved enterprise which proposes to send goods out of a
Free Zone shall give the Free Zone Company at least forty-eight hours
notice in writing of such proposed movement.

7. Subject t~ the provisions of the Act and regulations thereunder.
an approved enterprise that proposes to export goods by container
from a Free Zone shall despatch such container immediately upon the
completion of loading.

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