Gray's Charity Act

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Published: 1872-08-15

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115th August, 1872.1

Whereas John William Gray, late of the parish of Saint Preamble.
May, in this Island, by his will dated the 10th day of May,
1864, bequeathed the sum of five thousand pounds to the
Governor of this Island, to be by the Governor appro-
priated for the use and benefit of the poor of the parish of
Saint Mary, in the establishment of a Poor-house for the
exclusive benefit of the poor of the parish of Saint Mary, to
be established and secured by Legislative Enactment in the
manner the Governor might deem best, so that it might be
of lasting advantage: And whereas the said sum of five
thousand pounds was paid by the executors of the said
will, and there is now to the credit of the said bequest the
sum of eight thousand and fifty-six pounds fourteen shil-
lings and fivepence, or thereabouts, in consequence of the
accumulation of interest, which sum is invested in various
island securities and in the Government Savings Bank:
And whereas it is desirable that the money at the credit of
the charity should be invested as may from time to time
become necessary, and that the income arising from such
investments and so much of the capital as may be necessary
should be expended in order to carry out the object of the
said will, and that the Governor should be authorized to
appointTmstees for the due management of the said

1. The endowment in the preamble mentioned shall be Short tiue
called Gray's Charity, and this Act may be cited as Gray's ~~~~~w
Charity Act.

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Appoint- 2. After the passing of this Act it shall be lawful for the
remoMl of Governor-General to appoint a trustee or trustees of Gray’s
LrusLces. Charity, and to remove any such trustee and appoint or not

appoint another in his stead :
Provided, that there be always one trustee so appointed.

ment and


propcny of

-wt0 vest in
mstcs .

3. On any appointment of a trustee as aforesaid, all the
land, money and other property belonging to Gray’s
Charity shall vest in such trustee, or if there be more than
one trustee in him jointly with such other trustee or trustees.

of moneys
Of ihhc

4. It shall be lawful for the trustees, with the approval of
the Govemor-General, from time to time invest the money
belonging to Gray’s Charity, or any portion thereof, in such
securities as to them shall seem fic and it shall be lawful
for the Governor-General to allow from the Consolidated
Fund interest at the rate of five per cent per m u m on any
of the said money that may with his approval be left or
deposited in the Treasury:

Provided, that if at any time hereafter Jamaica shall bor-
row money at a rate of interest less than five per cent the
interest on any money so left or deposited shall be allowed
only at such lesser rate.

power of
w s ~ c s L’

5. The trustees shall have power, with the approval of
the Governor-General, to apply such portion of the money
belonging to Gray’s Charity, as the Governor-General may
approve, in the purchase of lands and buitdings in some
part of the present parish of Saint Mary, included in the
district which formed the parish of Saint Mary as it existed
in the year 1854, and in the erection of buildings on any
land so purchased, and in fitting up the same for the pur-
pose of an alms-house to be known as Gray’s Home for the
reception of poor persons of the said district.

apply funds.

me imhsion of this p a p is autho&d by L.N. 480/19731


6. It shall be lawful for the Governor-General in Coun- R U I ~ S for
manage- cil, from time to time to make and alter rules for the man- ment of

agement of Gray’s Charity, and of the property and money
belonging thereto, and for the due rendering of accounts by
the trustees, and for the drawing and application of all
moneys beIonging to the charity, and for the selection of
inmates for the alms-house, and for the management and
the appointment of the officers of the alms-house, and
generally in relation to the said charity. Subject to such
rules, the trustees, shall have the management and control
of Gray’s Charity, and of the property belonging thereto.

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