Gray's Charity Act

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(under section 6)

(Made by the Governor in Privy Council on the 19th G.N. 170141

day of March, 1941) L.N. 66/42

1. These Rules may be cited as the Gray's Charity Rules. 1941.

2. In these Rules "the Trustees" means the Trustees of Gray's
Charity appointed by the Governor-General.

3. The Trustees shall have the management of Gray's Charity and
of the property and money belonging thereto and in the exercise
of such management shall function as a Board. The quorum of the
Board shall be three members.

4. Meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at least once
a quarter and such meetings shall be convened in accordance with
a notice in writing issued under the direction of the Chairman and
sent to each member. Further notice of such meetings shall also
be given by publication in the Gazette.

5. The Trustees shall annually submit to the Governor-General an
estimate of expenditure for the coming year and the Governor-General
may thereupon fix the expenditure for such year.

6. The Trustees shall have power to appoint and remove all officers
of the Gray's Home as may seem to them advisable.

7. The selection of inmates of the Gray's Home shall be restricted
to the poor of the district which formed the parish of Saint Mary
as it existed in the year 1854. The selection and admission of inmates
shall be made and granted by the Trustees.

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8. The number of inmates at any one time shall not exceed fourteen
and each inmate shall receive an allowance not exceeding ninety cents
per week and be also supplied with water and furniture. Inmates are
required to provide their own food and to keep their apartments clean.

9. The Matron shall reside on the premises and be responsible for
the care of all buldings and furniture belonging to the Charity. She
shall be responsible for the good order and discipline of all inmates
and servants of the Gray's Home.

10. The Clerk shall visit the Gray's Home at least twice every
week and oftener if required to exercise supervision over the Matron
and the inmates. In the performance of his duties of supervision
he 'shall have power to settle complaints of an ordinary nature.
Complaints of a serious nature shall be dealt with by the Trustees on
a report f r ~ m the Clerk.

11. All accounts of the Charity shall from time to time be examined
and audited by the Auditor-General or some person or persons acting
under his authority who shall have power to call for any returns.
books, vouchers or papers necessary for such examination and audit.

IThe indusioa of thir page is authorized by L.N. 4119761