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(under section 4)

The Archives (OfXcial Records) Regulations, 1988

[The inclusion of thin page is authorized by L.N. 5511991 1


L.N. 26~188.



(under section 4)


(Made by the Minister on the 23rd day of Februiay, 1988) L.N. 26c/88.

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Archives (08ticial Records)
Regulations, 1988.

2 In these Regulaitims. unless the context otherwise requires-
“Archives” means the Jamaica Archives established under section

“Committee” means the Archives Advisory Committee established

“Records Oflicer” means the person responsible for the custody

4 of the Aot;

under section 3 of the Act;

of official records in each public organization.

3.41) The Records Officer, acting in accordance with the advice
of the Achivist, shall establish and maintain a system for the proper
care and control of official r m d s within his custody and for this
purpose the Amhivist may issue guidelines to be followed from time
to time.

(2) The system established shall-

(0) make provision for the standards, procedures and techniques
to be applied for the management of official records:

ITBe incldoo of thir is authorized by L.N. 55/19911


(b) promote the maintenance, storage and security of official re-
cords selected for preservation as archives until these arc
transferred to the Archives;

(c) facilitate the categorimtion and segregation of official -&;

(a) provide a programme for the disposition of official records
including their transfer to the Jamaica Archives, or such
other place under the charge and cuntrol of the Archivist.

4. The Records OBicer shall establish safeguards against the unlaw-
ful removal or loss of official records within his custody.

5. No official record shall be disposed of without the prior approval
of the committee.

6. The Records Officer shall, as m n as he has knowledge of this.
notify the Archivist of any actual or threatened unlawful removal,
alteration or destruction of official records in his custody and shall
take such action as is necessary to recover such rmrds as may have
been removed.

7 4 1 ) The Records OBiCer who is of the opinion that certain official
records in his custody are no longer needed for the use of the public
organization, may in writing request the approval of the Committee
for such records to be disposed of as specified in the request.

(2) Any request for the approval of the disposal of official re-
curds shall be sent to the Archivist and shall be accompanied by a
comprehensive list of the records to be disposed of together with
details of the records sufficient to allow an appraisal It0 be made as to
the value thereof, and the time within which such records may be
disposed of.

(3) ?The Archivist shall upon receipt of a request under this
regulation examine the documents submitted and if he considers it
necessary. examine the official records also and thereafter submit the
documents to the Committee together with his recommendation for
its decision.

[ The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 55/1991 1


(4) The decision of the Committee shall be notified in writing by
the Archivist and where approval has been granted for the disposition
of the records this notification shall be authorization for such records
to be disposed of as specified therein.

8.-(1) The Committee may issue general authorization from time
to time to public organizations for the disposal of centain categories
of official records which are of no historical value.

(2) Any general authorization issued by (the Committee shall
specify the form and character of the records which may be disposed
of and the period within which such records shall be SO disposed.

9.41) The Records Officer shall prepare and keep up-to-date, under
the guidance of thR Archivist, an inventory d official records in his

(2) On ithe basis of this inventory the Records Officer shall com-
pile schedules of these records showing, in the form approved by the
Archivist, their retention periods.

(3) These schedules shall be submibted to the Archivist for the
approval of the Committee.

(4) The Records Officer shall compile an annual summary of
official records in his custody for submission to the Archivist nat later
than the 31st March each year.

10. Where official records have been adjudged by the Committee
as being worthy of permanent preservation in the Archives, (the Archi-
vist shall arrange for such records to be transferred to the Archives.

11. Every person who unlawfully removes, alters, destroys or dis.
pses of any official record shall be guilty of an offence and shall be
liable on summary conviotion before a Resident Magistrate to a fine
not exceeding one hundred dollars or to imprisonment not exceeding
three months, or to both such h e and imprisonment.

[ The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. %/I991 1