Advertisements Regulation Act

Published: 1947-04-17

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1. Short title and application.
2. Interpretation
3. Erection of oardings etc., to he subject to control.
4. Chief Tachnical Duector may authorize enction of hoardings

5. Exemption of advertisements on business premises.
6. Regulations.
7. Appeal from decision of Chief Technical Director.
8. Removal of unauthorized hoardiigs and advertisements.
9. Penalties.

10. Saving.

and advertisements.


inclusion of thii page is authorieod by L.N. 480/1973]




l3of 1955.

117th April, 1947.1

1.-(1) This Act may be cited as the Advertisements Shorttitle
and appli- Regulation Act. cation.

(2 ) This Act shall not apply within the Urban and
Sub-Urban Districts of the Corporate Area as defined in
the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Act or withim
the limits of any town as defined for the purposes of this
Act or for general purposes under the provisions contained
in the Parish Councils Act.

2. In this Act- IntWpICta-
“advertisement” includes any sky sign and any notice, bill, ‘’.

placard, poster and other similar publication;
“hoarding” includes any structure used as an advertise-

ment or for exhibiting any advertisement;
“the Minister” means the Minister responsible for com-

“sky sign” means any word, letter, model, sign, device or

representation in the nature of an advertisement,
announcement or direction, supported or attached to
any post, pole, standard, framework or bther support,
wholly or in part upon, over or above any building,
structure or erection, which, or any part of which,
sky sign is visible against the sky from some point in
any public place in the Island or in the waters thereof,
and includes all and every part of such post, pole,
standard, framework or other support. “Sky ggd’
also includes any balloon, parachute, searchlight,
flashlight or other similar device employed wholly or


m e idusion of tbia ppos is authorized by L.N. 480/19731


in part for the purposes of any advertisement or
announcement on, over or above any building, structure
or erection of any kind or on or over any public place
in the Island or in the waters thereof; but does not
include any flagstaff, pole, vane or weathercock unless
adapted or used wholly or in part for the purpose of
any advertisement or announcement.



3. No hoarding shall be erected and no advertisement
shall be exhibited upon any hoarding or on any wall, tree,
pole, fence, gate or other place so as to be visible from any
public place in the Island except in accordance with the
provisions of this Act and of any regulations made there-

4. The Chief Technical Director may erect or authorize
the erection of hoardings and advertisements and may, upon
the application in writing of the person responsible there-
for, authorize the use of hoardings and advertisements
existing at the date of the coming into operation of
regulations made under this Act. Every such authorization
shall be given for such period not exceeding five years as
the Chief Technical Director may determine.




tor may

hoardings and adver-


nical Direc-


Exen\ptlon 5. Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 3 and 4,
tmmentson any person may exhibit in or upon his own premises, or in
premLses or upon any premises in his occupation, advertisements

relating to the business, profession or trade carried on in
or upon those premises, and further may exhibit any
advertisements upon any building used by him for business
purposes in or upon such premises :

Provided that any advertisement so exhibited shall not be
suspended across the street or in any way suspended or
projected outwards from such premises.

6-(1) The Minister may make regulations generally
for the better carrying out of the provisions of this Act.

of adver-



me ~nclunon of thia page IS authorized by LN. 480/19731


(2) Regulations made under this s&ion may, with-
out prejudice to the generality of the power conferred by
subsection (11, provide for regulating, restricting or pro-
hibiting the erection of hoardings and the exhibition of
advertisements in such places, in such manner and by such
means as to afect injuriously the amenith of a public
park or pleasure promenade or any place frequented by
the public soley or chiefly on account of its beauty, or to
disfigure the view of rural scenery from any highway or
railway or from any public place or water.

7. If any person is aggrieved by the refusal of the Chief Appealfrom
decision of



Technical Director to authorize the erection of any hoard- a d
ing or the use of any hoarding or advertisement as provided Dirstor.
in section 4, such persbn may appeal to the Minister, and 1311955
if it be made to appear to the Minister that the erection
of such hoarding or the use of any hoarding or advalise-
ment should be authorized under this Act, the Minister
may give directions to the Chief Technical Director to that

&+I) unless authorized under Section 4 or exempted R a ~ d o f
under section 5, any hoarding erected and any advertise- iFcdhoard-

regulations made under this Act shall be removed by the -b.
person responsible therefor within six months from such
date, and if not 50 removed as aforesaid the Chief Technical
Director shall serve on the p?rson responsible for such
hoarding or advertisement a notice in writing requiring the
removal thereof within one month, and upon failure to
comply with such notice such person shall be deemed to
have committed a contravention of the provisions of this

(2) If no person responsible for such hoarding or
advertisement can be found within six months from the date


ingl and ment exhibited at the date of the coming into operation of advcrtiaE

inclusion of mL p s ~ s is rathoriecd W LN. 480/19731


of the coming into operation of regulations made under this
Act, the Chief Technical Director may cause such hoard-
ing or advertisement to be removed and for this purpose
may enter upon any land whereon such hoarding or
advertisement is and may do such other acts and things aa
may be necessary for the removal thereof.

9. Every person who contravenes the provisions of this
Act or of any regulations made thereunder shall be liable,
on conviction befqre a Resident Magistrate, to a h e of
twenty dollars and to a further fine of four dollars for
every day during which the offence is continued after his
conviction therefor :

F’rovided that the offence shall not be deemed to be
continued during a period of fourteen days from the date
of the conviction and, if any appeal is lodged, during the
period until the determination of such appeal.

10. Nothing in this Act shall apply to hoardings erected
and advertisements exhibited by any Department Of the
Government or by any Military, Naval or Air Force
Authority, or by any Judicial Authority, or by any
Municipal Authority, or by or under the authdty &f any
enactment, or to any notice relating to my service in a
church, chapel, temple or mosque.



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